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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Whale meat inventory update - April 2009

Here's the April inventory statistics update from the usual source.

Not much time again at the moment, will maybe add more commentary later.

April 2009 outgoing stock: 369 tons

April 2009 incoming stock: 767 tons

April 2009 end-of-month inventories: 4,800 tons

April 2009 top inventory regions

Stockpile size at
month end
Stockpile size at
previous month end
Tokyo city wards3,0232,912+111

Graph: Inventory ratio

Graph: Annual volumes

Graph: Monthly volumes

Graph: Outgoing stock (cumulative)

Graph: Incoming stock (cumulative)

Graph: Regional whale meat inventories


This is an interesting blog you have here, David. Thank you for all your research. The Japanese government is great with publishing statistics, aren't they?

I live in Tokyo and am interested in contemporary whale meat consumption. I have seen a few places selling it in shotengai and even some retro-packaged canned kujira in MUJI recently. I wonder if it could become trendy?

But have you ever seen one of those vendors who roam the streets with their carts? I see a lot selling tofu products, satsuimo and so on. But apparently there used to ones selling whale meat in the past.

Thanks for your comment.

Wow, you found whale in MUJI!? I don't go there often to know, but it's a surprise to hear that a kind of very mainstream (and international?) chain like that would have whale products.

I've never seen a street cart vendor selling whale though - nor heard of it. There was an "Asian Lunch" operator selling "whale karee" lunches in the news, but that was just part of a menu I think.
I'm also -extremely- surprised that an international concern such as Muji would expose themselves to potential demonization in foreign markets.

Perhaps they're too small a player in the non-domestic markets for a campaign to make enough return on investment for the animal protest industry orgs?
Yeah. I was in a Muji recently actually, but couldn't spot any whale products. There is another one not far from where I live which I haven't been to yet though.
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