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David @ Tokyo

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"Dangerous and malicious obstruction" - more from Y/H-san

Y/H-san kindly wrote with information about a magazine report here in Japan. I will reproduce his comment here (less the Japanese characters from the original comment):
David-san & all,

SAPIO, a magazine of Japan,widely reported the violence of SSCS as special report.

The outline of SAPIO is

The title is "The Japanese research vessels attacked by the eco-terrorism of the radical NGO ."

The summary of the article is as follows.

1. The dangerous behaviors of SS.
2. The difficulty of the arrest of the insane group.
3. The relation of SS and GP.
4. The discussion at the government to cope with the crazy group.
5. The worry about the big accident(including human death)at high sea in the near future.


My view is as follows.

The terrorism of SS should be widely known with many voices criticizing the insane group. Our government should let more people know the fact and put the stronger pressure to the Japan Marine Police to give direct punch to the crazy group. At least, some of the Japanese Marine Police members should attend at the next research of this year.

Sadly to say, the cooperation of New Zealand was not enough but they did some assistance to Japan.
We should appreciate for it.

On the other hand, regarding Australia, their behavior were unbelievable. They should have let the crazy group get out immediately in order not to be regarded as the terrorist supporting nation, not only by Japan but also many countries over the world. They should know better since IWC knows it.

David-san, sorry, I took wide space for this comments.


Thanks for the info Y/H-san, your information is more than welcome. I will also look to pick up a copy of SAPIO.



Thank you very much for taking my comment to your blog.

All I want to do is to let many
people know the insane behaviors of SSCS.The violence makes nothing.

Basically I do not intend to deny the concept of Anti-whaling because
the affection to any animal is important,though many are killed
by human beings everyday.

SAPIO magazine?... you mean the right wing publication that serialised the revisionist historical manga series Shin Gōmanism Sengen Supesharu - Sensō Ron by right wing artist Yoshinori Kobayashi (one of the coordinators of the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform which publishes revisionist textbooks)?... well in that case lets not just cover SAPIO's comments regarding Seas Shepherd, lets find out what that serialisation had to tell the Japanese people about World War II...
Except from Volume 1. Translation: "The Japanese forces who taught them [Western colonial powers] a lesson deserve applause [from colonized countries]!"...
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