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David @ Tokyo

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"Dangerous and malicious obstruction"

The Japan Whaling Association recently updated their page of Japanese news articles.

There were a few interesting ones in relation to the obstruction / piracy that the JARPA fleet has been subjected to in the last couple of years.

This story covers a meeting of an alliance of Liberal Democratic Party parliament members backing whaling held on the 17th of May.
... a resolution was adopted relating to obstruction of JARPA.
The resolution contained two items, in light of the dangerous and malicious obstruction of anti-whaling groups, which ought to be called criminal acts, conducted towards the JARPA research fleet:
1) By various methods such as making strong requests to each related country through diplomatic channels, suppress the sailing of vessels belonging to groups such as Sea Shepherd that undertake obstructive activities
2) In the case that it is not possible to see this realized effectively, defend the research fleet by other means such as dispatching a vessel from an organization with jurisdiction within the area of ocean under survey
A subsequent news item covered the group's meeting again on June 13, where they received a report from the government on the IWC 59 meeting. This article is mainly about the Japan's re-evaluating it's approach to the IWC, but at the very end of the article:
... Additionally, regarding the state of affairs with Sea Shepherd's obstruction activity towards research whaling, it was explained that Japan will proceed by cooperating with Australian officials on the matter. There were calls for much more progress to be made.

It was a few days later that Sea Shepherd was reported to have been granted the "flag" of an Indian reserve in Canada.

For their part, Sea Shepherd have finally reported this news on their own homepage (here). Says their news release:
The presentation of the Mohawk flags for the Robert Hunter and the Farley Mowat is an historical event. Never before has there been deep-sea, foreign-going ships flying under the colors of the Mohawk nation or any other indigenous American sovereign nation.
I'm no legal expert, and no offence to these indigenous peoples, but I don't think international law will recognise them as a "sovereign nation", nor their flag as valid. It's not the first time Sea Shepherd have made it up to suit themselves as they go along though, so no surprise there.
The flying of the Mohawk colors will open up some controversial legal issues involving indigenous rights that Sea Shepherd is quite happy to champion.
That is one side show that I probably won't be covering here, unless it somehow remains relevant.



Thank you for the report.
I sometimes see the articles
of Japan Whaling Association,
but I missed some :-)

>..defend the research fleet by >other means such as dispatching a >vessel from an organization with >jurisdiction within the area of >ocean under survey

This is nice.

However,as I see, some of the Japanese are indifferent to whaling and worry about the boycott of Japanese products from the anti-whalings countries.

I believe we should not worry at all.It is the anti-whaling bloc who will be involved in troubles as a result of supporting the insane group.

The level-headed thinking is required.

These consumer boycotts have never worked.
People simply won't stop buying a Japanese TV because some folks like to nibble on a whale.

It's the stanbdard rhetorical rubbish from the animal protest industry.
Yup, no worries about the boycotts, it's all just hot air.
David-san & all,

SAPIO,a magazine of Japan,widely reported the violence of SSCS as special report.

The outline of SAPIO is here.

The title is "The Japanese research vessels attacked by the eco-terrorism of the radical NGO ."(日本の調査捕鯨船を“襲撃”する環境過激派のエコ・テロリズム)

The summary of the article is as follows.

1. The dangerous behaviors of SS.
2. The difficulty of the arrest of the insane group.
3. The relation of SS and GP.
4. The discussion at the government to cope with the crazy group.
5. The worry about the big accident(including human death)at high sea in the near future.

Please give me some space to show some highlights.

①The status of a crew being attacked with the chemicals.


The injured crew got the chemicals over his face.
His eyes and skins are burned so badly that it took about 2 weeks before they were perfectly cured.
The moment he got the attack,he could not open his eyes and the skins of his face were damaged.

②Kaiko Maru being attacked by SS.


Kaiko Maru released the "Piracy Attack" signals via satellite wire,but RCCNZ of New Zealand did not stop the SSCS vessels directly. All they did was only to
request the crazies to stop the harassment.

③ Australia's unbelievable behavior.


In spite the Japan Foreign Ministry repeatedly demanded
Australia to take the suitable procedures to stop the harassment,
they supported the terrorists,neglecting the requests of Japan.Moreover,they allowed
them to stay there for some months.
There is no way for us to stop calling Australia an eco-terrorist support nation.

My view is as follows.

The terrorism of SS should be widely known with many voices criticizing the insane group.Our government should let more people know the fact and put the stronger pressure to the Japan Marine Police
to give direct punch to the crazy group.At least,some of the Japanese Marine Police members should attend at the next research of this year.

Sadly to say,the cooperation of New Zealand was not enough but they did some assistance to Japan.
We should appreciate for it.

On the other hand, regarding Australia, their behavior were unbelievable.They should have let the crazy group get out immediately in order not to be regarded as the terroist supporting nation, not only by Japan but also many countries over theworld.They should know better since IWC knows it.

David-san,sorry,I took wide space for this comments.

Don't see why Australia should assist with Japan when Japan is whaling in what Australia considers a Sanctuary. Why help them when they have no respect for Australia?
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