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Sea Shepherd without a flag (again)

Having been stripped of it's ship registrations in Canada, Belize, the UK, and presumably the Netherlands as well (don't know why it took them so long), Sea Shepherd have now reportedly resorted to a group of sympathizers in the "Mohawk community of Kahnawake" for legitimacy.

Kahnawake is apparently an "Indian reserve" located in Quebec, Canada.

The Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter ... will now sail under a Mohawk flag registered with the Mohawk Traditional Council, one of Kahnawake's three longhouses. Paul Watson, a Canadian cofounder of Greenpeace, and now captain of the Farley Mowat, was presented with the papers for the two vessels, currently moored in Australia and the Galapagos Islands.

The caption from the article reads: "Paul Watson, founder of Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is given a 5 Nations Confederacy flag by Longhouse members to use in his efforts to try to stop Japan from over fishing."

So apparently killing whales is "over fishing"
However, there was no consensus in Kahnawake over the community's foray into international whaling waters.

Two of three Mohawk longhouses were absent from the ceremony, reflecting political divisions within the community over this move.
Watson's latest self-promotion stunt appears to an attempt to play the Canadian federal government (and perhaps Australian port authorities) off against the "First Nations".
"There's all this talk that they are a sovereign people," said Watson. "We'll see."
Watson has previously described the recognised state of Tuvalu as a "rinky dink" "nation of whores".

There have now been two IWC resolutions calling for states to take actions "as appropriate to prevent and suppress actions that risk human life and property at sea" with regards to Sea Shepherd in particular. It seems that the Netherlands has now acted accordingly, but the response from Australia remains to be seen.


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For those of you who have recently watched or listened to IWC live feed, you may have noticed how charismatic, literate in English, and intelligible Joji Morishita, Japan's IWC Commissioner, looks like. Being surprised, I engaged in finding out more about him and mostly where he has these skills from!

It appeared that Joji Morishita had acted in films before he struck a bargain with IWC. Some films were being produced for Western market, which forced him to take English lessons. So he did. That's the answer for my question.

I searched more and even found some images with him from the movies he acted in. A lot of them are not worth to see. But a few seem to be quite the opposite. And I believe most of you have watched them at least once.

Meet, Joji Morishita.
Interesting that you choose to deride Watson a usual, with a media source full of errors of fact and allow a post that is barely credible. It certainly has no respect for Mr Morishita, who while I have little that I agree with him on I have respect for.

Indeed he has had an elitist education, but movies !

Morishita is a graduate of Japan's elite Kyoto University and studied at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Technical terms commonly heard at the conference like "sustainable use" and "scheduled amendments" easily roll off his tongue. Points of order and rules of debate seem second nature.

Perhaps that is more accurate, from the Las Vegas times of all places, somewhat more plausible and likely.

Wonder what the bargain with the IWC was any way.Along with the delete post ? Thinking people need to know !

Trust your well and new apartment is comfy and wedding plans are at full throttle.
Hi Martin,

Nice to have an anti-whaler here who isn't gutless, like your anonymous friends who have been spending many hours of time reading and posting here (you'd be surprised where these hits are coming from).

I'm sorry you don't like my taking up Sea Shepherd's endless struggle to find a flag state that is prepared to take responsibility within the international community for the types of actions that SSCS choose to undertake. Honestly, if I were you I'd not want to be seen to be sticking up for this group, but I suppose if you agree with the ends you are welcome to agree with the means as well? (Not good for your image though, frankly, but your image is yours to do what you like with). Even the politicians of Australia and New Zealand have noted that the actions of this group set back the "anti-whaling" cause.

But anyway, sorry if you don't like the media source I quoted either. If you have another media source covering the story which you feel is "better", feel free to post it here. Genuine posts are left to stand as they are.

What "bargain with the IWC" are you refering to? Feel free to enlighten the rest of us.

The deleted post was a plain old spam post linking to some swedish singer's homepage. If you really want to see it I can post it again if you like.
As a Japanese, evaluating Mr,Jyoji Morishita,I think he is a honest bureaucrat supported by a large number of Japanese worrying about the marine resources of ours.
He is not a statesman but a kind of civil servant,nothing special compared with other bureaucrat .

I would like to ask all people to know the fact.

The following is my views to himself.

1 The distinguished characteristic is he speaks up logically without
any hesitation to all the people in the world.(Strangely most of the Japanese bureaucrat are especially shy to the U.S or the EU countries -this is the decisive mistake.Moreover,they are not good at handling other languages.)

2.There is few bureaucrat in Japan appealing our opinion to the world strongly.In this sense, Morishita is clearly chosen.I believe this is the correct choice.

3.The other bureaucrats are busy for defending their posts or their territories.The bureaucrats in charge of roads constraction like to handle our tax without any permission;very selfish and terrible.Sometimes they show some money scandals on TV.

In regard to Mr.Morishita,he is an exception. He is doing the job in accordance with our basic policy;the sustainable use of marine resources.

Anyway, I suppose he has many things to do now, but I believe he will overcome many problems and achieve something nice to Japan.

Hi David,

Pardon me,the 'bargain with the IWC" I was asking of your anonymous commentator not your good self! My communication failure.

Using google will yield enough results for another media reference. Wat is interesting though, if one really digs for the information you become very clear at how much the press on both sides of the issue mis-report the issue as a whole.

I m not particularly concerned about my "image" can't please all the folks all the time etc. What does appalls me is the vested interests that are so embeded in government behavior. It is my view that it is likely that no country is free of this.

While indeed while SSCS are referred to as "dogs" on GOP web sites, by doing so they entice and bring on the whole isms and schisms that push peoples apart.

PW should be respected as a radical as he is so deemed, governments sadly move slowly and this is what frustrates many and PW is this exemplified. Indeed take a look at what SSCS has been doing in the Galapogos, which corrupted government and officials have historically not done. Though in some respects the days of protest has evolved, though SSCS is not a protest group, like GP.

When a balance is needed we usually find extreme views are necessary to get a good and solid compromise. If it is too easy it will fail.

Recently reading an alaskareport.com/taufen30021
Confirms a nagging feeling that I have with regards to the wider fishery issue at stake and Japans role in this "Tragedy of the commons"

I have no problem with people who have eaten whale meat historically, but I am not convinced of the GOJ argument is wholly pure and not without other agendas mixed up in it.Of course sustainability etc need to be respected and adhered to. The folks of the four coastal communites that are seeking this Small type coastal whaling are still active, though the whales are not under the direct mandate of the IWC, so these communities are not suffering from lack of meat for the local community.

To be truly radical is to make hope possible, not despair convincing.
Raymond Williams

I'll stop here before I ramble.

Stay well.


"though SSCS is not a protest group, like GP"

Say what???
What planet are you from?
The Sea Schleppers are almost 100% pure protest theater and nothing else.
Any "enforcement" these guys do is self assigned and designed for fund raising posturing.

All the Sea Schleppers are is noise for cash. They've produced little else in thirty years but good $$$ and a media platform for the career eco-bombast Watson.

"PW should be respected as a radical as he is so deemed, governments sadly move slowly and this is what frustrates many..."

So because government doesn't move fast enough for your tastes in the direction of your prejudice, you'd bypass the entire structure with all the accountability and replace it with unaccountable privateers who pose for cash.

Completely ridiculous and shows the puerile level of thinking of the anti-use types.
There's just no thinking beyond the regurgitation of the old slippery slope arguments and alarmist ranting.
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