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Japanese article on IUCN response to latest Western Gray Whale entanglement

As I reported a few weeks back, a 4th Western Gray Whale unfortunately died when it became entangled in a set fishing net off the coast of Iwate. The IUCN picked up on it a week later, issuing this news release.

Yomiuri Shinbun's "Sports Hochi" has subsequently reported the IUCN response in the Japanese media in this article, which notes the general points (no time to translate, sorry - maybe later).

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Obviously what needs to be done here is for scientific research into gray whale deaths. Now by following the logic of this website the Japanese needs to start hunting these whales. Only by blowing up a grenade tipped harpoon into their backs, cutting them open, and serving them up to a deranged Japanese public can we understand why these whales are dying. And since it is "scientific" the Japanese would not need permission to hunt these whales. If you don't agree with with this line of logic then it is clear that one is an anti-Japanese terrorist.

No where on this website have I ever suggested that western gray whale conservation would benefit from lethal research on them.

I suggest you do a lot more reading before posting such nonsense.
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