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IWC 2006: Finland and Sweden go vote hunting

Earlier this year, when a small group of 12 hard-core anti-whaling nations participated in a demarche protesting Norway's increased minke catch quota, two nations were noticeable for their absence.
Finland and Sweden on Friday have urged Norway to reduce its whaling quota for this year, arguing that Oslo's annual quota hikes could hurt chances of finding a solution to an international dispute over its whale hunt practice.
This is some of the most blatant vote-hunting yet this year.
The hunting season had already started by the time the 12 nations organized their demarche, several weeks ago. Now, suddenly with an IWC meeting just a few weeks away, the politicians of Finland and Sweden wake up and decide they had better put their anti-whaling hats on.

The whale lovers in those two countries must be furious at the lethargic, cynical behaviour of their politicians. They aren't going to save any whales if they ask for the killing to stop after the fact. Norway isn't listening to these fanatics anyway, rightly pointing out that it's quotas are set in accordance with agreed scientific procedures.

What goal does this stunt serve, other than a see-through attempt on the part of these Finnish and Swedish politicians to appear as if they are actively working to save whales?

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