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IWC 2006: Norway admonishes its critics

Around a month ago, a very small number of nations participated in a demarche, criticising Norway's whaling quota (after the season started, rather than beforehand).

I highlighted the careless flimsy nature of the criticism, noting that Norway is setting quotas in line with the RMP, and Norway of course quickly hit back in the media.

Norway has now formalised their rebuttal, summoning diplomats from the nations:
Diplomats Reprimanded Over Whaling Protest
11:32 AM, 17 May 2006

Norway's foreign ministry has summoned diplomats from 12 countries, including New Zealand, to protest against what it called "unfounded attacks" on Norway's whaling practice.

In April, 12 anti-whaling nations handed over a letter of protest to Norway accusing it of endangering minke whales by raising its annual hunting quota.

This year, Norway authorised its whalers to take 1,052 minke whales, up from 796 in 2005.

The total minke population is estimated at more than 100,000 in the North Atlantic.

The 12 protesting countries also accused Norway of pressuring its researchers to justify large-scale destruction of the species.

The foreign ministry called the diplomats to a meeting yesterday to inform them that their allegations were "unfounded".

As I said previously, those 12 nations who criticised Norway should be ashamed of themselves.

And Norway is to be congratulated for taking this firm political action. They are not obliged to be the environmental punching bag for politicians on the other side of the world, particularly when the protesting nations themselves are more than happy to permit the deaths of their own marine mammals for the benefit of their own local squid fisheries. Norway's move shows the world quite unequivocally that it is not prepared to be a destination for exported environmentalism.

Annual whale hunt in Norway yields few whales:

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