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IWC 2006: International embarassment Chris Carter strikes again

New Zealand Minister of Conservation Chris Carter continues to demonstrate that he is an embarassment to the New Zealand government.

In his latest effort, Carter has issued a press release criticising Norwegian catch limit increases:
"We do not know the effects this will have on whale populations. The criteria Norway used for setting the quota haven’t been properly assessed and peer reviewed by the International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee."

In fact, the criteria Norway uses for setting their minke whale quota was devised by the Scientific Committee, and unaminously recommended to the IWC in 1992. The IWC also adopted the procedure as the IWC's official catch limit setting procedure in 1994.

Why doesn't Carter just drop this silly pretense that he actually has scientific reasons for opposing whaling, and stop embarrassing his government? Caught here again with his pants down, rather than shift the goal posts by making up some other childish reason to oppose the Norwegian hunt, why doesn't he just stand up and say "We the government of New Zealand oppose whaling, because many New Zealanders think whales are special"? He could then at least claim to be honest.

I've written directly to the minister informing him of his blunder (amazing that he doesn't have advisors vetting his press releases, or if he does, that they too are clumsy enough to make such awful gaffes).
I also sent a copy of the press release off to the High North Alliance folks.

The HNA is also running a story about another Carter gaffe in a press release last year. Click here and here for the two parts of the episode.

You'd think he would have learnt...

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