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IWC 2005: NZ government chimes in...

Remember NZ IWC delegate Chris Carter? Last year he made a laughing stock of New Zealand amongst our international peers, getting himself described as being exictable, badly informed and unknowledgable.

He's back!
This time he's talking about taking Japan to the World Court too. However, he says that the chances of NZ winning needs to be taken into account. Chris only needs to read my previous blogs on this topic to know that he doesn't stand a chance in hell of defeating the Japanese - they would likely welcome such a case.

The best bit of the article is that he actually openly admits he's nothing but a mouthpiece for Greenpeace and other such organizations.

And the Greens are back at it too, again shamelessly accusing Japan of "shamelessly" bribing small nations to vote for whaling. Quite a serious allegation, both highly offensive to the small nations in question, as well as the Japanese. Funny, recruiting small nations and appointing their commissioners with their own people is how the anti-whaling bloc pushed through the moratorium in the first place. Why should anyone be surprised that small island nations share Japan's view that natural resources can be sustainably utilised? For some reason, the Greens and other parties keen to intimidate these small nations are happy to have trouble believing this.

In the meantime, Australian Prime Minister Howard has come out showing his ignorance of whaling issues as well.

"We find it hard to believe a cull of 400 minke whales - and we're talking about minkes not the humpbacks - is scientific."

Perhaps Johnny ought to do his homework before making stupid statements like "hey, I can't understand cetacean science, so this must be front for commercial whaling".

First point of call John: high school statistics class and population sampling. Then maybe you'll start to get the picture.

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