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Rum from Haiti

Incidentally, I'm a rum lover, and recently while browsing the well-stocked Rum section of a convenient Seijo Ishii looking for something new to try, I spotted an option from earthquake-stricken Haiti.

I had already donated to a Haiti earthquake relief fund, but I think everyone would like to be able to channel funds to Haiti through purchases of their products, namely this fine bottle of rum produced by a company called Barbancourt, pictured above.

This was quite excellent indeed, and I'll can happily recommend it to other rum lovers. Barbancourt also has an Haiti Earthquake Relief section on their website, as well as information about their other non-profit activities.

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As I saw your article about this Haitian rhum, I thought it was a good idea to support Haiti through purchase of Haitian products, but then... I realized, that rhum, the Carribeans are usually linked to piracy.

So drinking too much of that might lead you to think of yourself as a pirate... You know, like this bunch of stupid vegans who think they are pirates.

But again, as one Paul W. from Canada repeats often: "Piracy in the Caribbean was ended by Henry Morgan, a pirate". So piracy against legal whalers in the Southern Ocean could be ended by pirates too. I know what we have to do now!
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