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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Tokyo Marathon 2010 finished

Point Split Lap Time
5km 00:35:41
10km 01:03:22 0:27:41 10:13:22
15km 01:31:09 0:27:47 10:41:09
20km 01:59:08 0:27:59 11:09:08
25km 02:25:48 0:26:40 11:35:48
30km 02:54:15 0:28:27 12:04:15
35km 03:27:50 0:33:35 12:37:50
40km 03:58:48 0:30:58 13:08:48
Finish 04:12:51 0:14:03 13:22:51

Cold, wet weather didn't make for easy running, but got home without any serious injuries.

Here's the info from my Nike+ sportband. As you can see it was slow going at the start (congestion). The big dips in speed are places where I decided to stop for (and sometimes que for) the toilet, and the shallow dips are where I pass the drinks area and went down to walking pace to take it in.

Nike+ sportbands are not 100 percent accurate - of course the real distance was 42.195 kms.


Congratulations BTW. I still think you're off your rocker but remain impressed none the less.
Having done this once now, I tend to agree. Marathon running is a bit crazy, a bit unrealistic. The thing is, unless you keep filling yourself with sports drinks or other forms of energy as you run the course, you physically run out of energy after around 30kms, just like a car runs out of petrol. So in that respect, running marathons inherently involves "cheating".

I don't know. I am thinking if I do more such races I might stick to half-marathons and focus on speed and not have to worry about running out of gas along the way.

But to be honest I had hoped to run in under 4 hours... which leaves me with a little bit of unfufilled ambition... I think I can fairly blame the poor weather but then it sounds like an excuse...
Congrats on finishing, never mind that you ran a good time! I ran the SF Half Marathon last year and really enjoyed it. Hope to run a full some day but there's just so much training, and with a wife and two kids it's tough to find the time to get that many miles in every week.

Again, congrats.
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I am posting comments in Youtube videos on whaling and I am pleased that you support a sustainable whaling.

I have a NZ friend who is a nice guy. We talked about whaling a few years ago but it did'nt get serious because I didn't care much about the issue at that time.

You are working so hard to collect and present the whale meat stock data. I appreciate it. However I feel, as a Japanese who used to eat whale meat at school, that the potential demand can be huge in Japan. Since you stay here, you know that there is no promotion of whale eating culture now by TV programs, magazines, etc.
I think the demand is suppressed by the government somehow because the supply is limmited, otherwise the price can be very, very high.

As for marathong running, I almost gave up now but I will continue to try somehow.
Hi Anonymous,

Do tell me where your videos are on YouTube.

I have been too busy lately to update this blog much, but I hope to introduce the 2009 whale meat inventory figures soon.


I use the handle name "wubai565". If you seach it, you can find videos where I post comments. I havn't posted my own video yet.
Sometimes I get tired of those racial attacks between anti and pro whalers. But still I can find people who support whaling from various countries in the world.

You can visit my Youtube channel and leave a comment or email me.

Please delete the first of the two comments I posted by mistake.

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