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South Park mocks Paul Watson

South Park always was my favourite TV show...

I've never seen an episode of Whale Wars but South Park's makers have made Paul Watson's reality TV show the butt of the joke in episode 11 of South Park's 13th season. You can watch the episode online here at South Park Studios.

Warning: if you aren't familiar with South Park and are easily offended, best not to watch! Paul Watson fans also will not be impressed, as the big bellied vegan gets heavily scorned.

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david...you are a dickhead...hope you chocke on your whale meat sushi.
Anonymous, guess you didn't read the "humour" tag on the post, or does the Paul Watson cult club ban it's members from chilling out?
Chief "Whale Whore" Paul Watson invents a new distraction to divert attention away from his drubbing in South Park?

Not good with the hypocrites in the UK and Australia. Really guys you should have reas the Independent's article " Killing Fields in the UK" and the permitting of religious slaughter of animals in Australia.

Would you like to make this little guy suffer by eating your Mc Donalds?

The Christian Science Monitor spells out the damage to Watson: South Park puts spotlight on Paul Watson and his “Whale Wars” http://shar.es/akWsX
Hi David,
More humour:


But please Pamela , keep your clothes on....we don't want to see 40 plus women without clothes:))))
Hey. I'm married to a 40 plus woman and try to get her clothes off at every chance I get; thanks very much.
My Internet battles with environmental issues are over now. My last whale poece is found here:


Psssst....Ann, whaling was never an environmental issue...it was a cultural one.
Good piece in the Huff-Post on the South Park creators and their attitude to the role of truth in environmentalism and their motivation behind the Whale Whores episode.

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