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Iceland economy and whaling

Iceland's is an interesting situation, with the majority of Iceland's populace supporting whaling, whereas their new government seems to be of the "anti-trade" persuasion (at least with respect to whale products), yet not exactly "anti-whaling" per se.

Nonetheless, as this Bloomberg article indicates (without getting into any of the typical western culture cringe) whaling is providing some jobs for people there in need of work.

At the same time, many other reports indicate that currency exchange rates are making Iceland an attractive destination for tourists. This is in very stark contrast to perpetual economic threats that have be leveled in Iceland's direction because of it's exercising its sovereign right to harvest marine resources (here's SSCS' blather, but also see this).

Iceland's government shutting down or scaling back sustainable whaling activities at this point wouldn't make sense for many reasons as far as I am concerned, but let's see what happens next year.


The final paragraphe of the SSCS "blather" is just priceless!
These yuppies just take themselves so seriously it's hilarious.
Funny thing is; if they don't refuel in Iceland (which with landing fees and higher fuel prices is avoided by the private jet companies anyways) chances are they'll refuel right here in whale munching territory.
My community has long been known as the "gas station to the stars".
...and for the record Who says whale eaters aren't social progressives?

IceClass, indeed that private jet refuelling line was surprisingly self-incriminating. Maybe it was a not-so-subtle message to Pierce Brosnan or one of the other Hollywood muppets? PW himself seems to spend a lot of time flying around the globe guzzling aviation fuel for someone trying to save the world from humans.
It would now appear that the UK has wisely chosen not to obstruct Iceland's bid to enter the EU based on their taste for a little organic, free range Minke.
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