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IWC crunch time - Joji Morishita press conference

Some comments from Joji Morishita appeared in the western media yesterday regarding the whaling issue and the IWC (Bloomberg, Reuters).

It's decision time for the IWC, says Morishita.

If you'd like to hear the full media meeting that was held, go here, scroll down below the picture and you can see a link to the audio. The video clip is just 5 minutes, the audio runs for over an hour.

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Both the Bloomberg and Reuters pieces you link to can't tell the difference between a "Ban" and a moratorium so it appears that not only is the issue so polarized as to preclude debate but also basic factuality.
I have a small list here on the positions:
1) Norwegian whalers and hardcore anti whaling NGOs are opposed to a " compromise solution" . They both think discussions are futile???

2) Moderate minded actors: Remi Parmentiere ( former political advisor for Greenpeace International).
Arni Finnsson, director for anti whaling NGO , INCA ( Iceland)
3) Sweden ??? Denmark
4) Norwegian Gov't has previously believed that the SC is an useful tool.
Personally I still think the Japanese should leave the IWC. A clean break is needed.

Yeah I just about wrote to Reuters to tell them some basic stuff, but refrained in the end.
The other day I saw it written in the Aussie media that there was a "1986 treaty banning whaling" or something like that.


I suspect discussions are futile!
I don't know how you classify Arni Finnsson as "moderate minded".

IceClass, yeah, although it seems Japan is unlikely to do that as their legal interpretation is that continuing special permit whaling for example would then not be covered by their IWC adherance.

What I think is quite interesting is the suggestion that the IWC have a "cooling off" period.

If we look back 27 years, we recall the "temporary pause" in commercial whaling that was agreed at the 1982 meeting. Of course, this temporary measure persists today.

So what about the chances of an eternal "cooling off" period for the IWC? I suspect the chances could be quite high, if the anti-whaling bloc is not able to bring themselves to compromise on their "not even one single whale killed for commercial purposes" position.
Arni F. might not be " moderate minded" as you see it , but recall following points:

1) Arni didn't want Sea Shepherd coming to Icelandic waters.

2) Arni didn't want Greenpeace coming to Iceland.

3) Arni wanted according to BBC " compromise discussions".

4) INCAS website on whaling ( see my blog) is VERY neutral .

I checked out as well your Lapointe website ( he believed it was very good with compromise discussions). Well, guess actually they are futile....
Arni basically made me think he wasn't moderate when I saw him reported by Richard Black at the BBC as talking about the Japanese whale meat market as if he were somewhat knowledgable of it.

I wonder if Arni has ever visited Japan, to be honest, but at the end of the day, I suppose there are very few people that I would consider neutral.
Looks like your blog is broken right now though Ann, I'll take a look later.
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