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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



IWC 60 to start

IWC 60 in Santiago is about to get underway.

Plenary documents are here. Included is, in addition to the Agenda document (introduced previously here), a document outlining the agenda for a pre-plenary meeting for "Discussions on the Future of the IWC" (here). Some others that may be of interest is this one from an outside expert (here) and a related document from Norway (here). Just my recommendations...

The meeting schedule is here.

The Scientific Committee report should be available on Monday, but documents submitted to the meeting and available online are here. Lots of interesting reading there for those so inclined. A particular focus of this year's meeting was said to be the consideration of abundance estimates for Antarctic minke whales. From the documents noted, it seems that only one document presented specifically introduced abundance estimates, this one here.

If you are in the right sort of time zone and are so inclined, you can watch the proceedings on line here.


Thanks for the info David. More whaling news here:


Hi! Ann-san,

Long time,no see.
Thank you for the info.

"The Swedish Minister of the Environment, Andreas Carlgren , has during his visit in Japan in April , made the statement that he positively” supports a limited commercial whaling”

This statement will enforce
the stronger relation between
your country and Japan.
I do hope so.

These days,in Japan,we see
the Swedish types of houses.
They are the status symbol.


Y/H Japan
Hi Ann,

I too and glad to see some sanity prevailing in Sweden too. Give up on the USA, Australia and New Zealand though.
... or the UK for that matter.
They let the WDCS make government policy on whaling.
No chance of sanity coming from a protest industry with a profit motive.
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