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Whale meat ever popular in Ishinomaki

Back in January this year I had some stories from Ishinomaki about whale meat (see my Ishinomaki label).

Sanriku-Kahoku.com again had a report on the 9th of December about local whale meat sales. Check the original article for a picture, below is a bit of a summary / translation:
The first day at the "Refined Hometown" roadside station Ichinomaki citizens form long lines

Ishinomaki's "winter whale meat distribution event" started on the 8th. The first day was held at the "Refined Hometown" roadside station, and many residents formed lines in advance of the 10AM start to sales.

Frozen minke whale meat, a by-product of research whaling, was distributed at the bargain price of 2,300 yen per 900 grams. 500 units were prepared for the first day, but had completely sold out in around 30 minutes. Again at the same station on the 9th, a further 600 units, 100 more than scheduled, will be distributed.

According to municipal authorities, interest in whale cuisine has heightened amongst city residents following the first ever "Whale Forum 2007" event that was held in Ishinomaki city in July, and the response to the distribution event was excellent.

Again on the 23rd from 6:30 AM at an early-morning market at the station square 100 more units will be available, and on the same day from 9:00 AM until noon 1,200 units will be prepared at the Ishinomaki city ultra-low temperature cold storage facility. Back at the roadside station, another 500 units are scheduled to be distributed on the 29th from 9:00 AM at the "Misoka market".

The city's marine resource section says "This year we secured an extra 1.1 tonnes, or 20% more whale meat for distribution than last year. We hope that many city residents will try it, and will continue to work to spread whale cuisine food culture"
Here we are only talking about a relatively insignificant amount of whale meat (several tonnes). The Ishinomaki area currently has the largest amount of whale meat in Japan, and saw more than 200 tonnes leaving storage there in October.

Another article dated December 16 has coverage of Ishinomaki's 2007 marugoto festa, again with lines of customers queuing for whale meat attracting the media's attention.

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Is the whale meat still good with the taste of burnt Japanese whaler all over it?

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