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Whale consumption still driven by private demand (2)

Back in June I did a post illustrating how much of the by-product from Japan's whale research programmes is allocated for public purposes.

The ICR released figures relating to the disposal of the by-product from the 2007 JARPN II program. So here's an update to the graph:

That is, the total by-product made available by Kyodo Senpaku in 2007 will be 4,005.41 tonnes, with 661.3 tonnes (16.5%) of that allocated for public purposes.

The JARPN II by-product auction has in fact already started this year - it's running from November 1 through until November 30 in wholesale markets around the country.

The ICR press release also notes that by-product obtained in the coastal component of JARPN II off the waters of Kushiro (up to 60 minke whales to be taken) is being sold off separately. I believe the reason for this is that the coastal component of the research is currently being conducted using small-scale whaling vessels rather than with Kyodo Senpaku's fleet. The by-product from the offshore component is seemingly frozen before going to auction, where as the meat from the coastal component hits the markets fresh.

This article from the Kushiro Shinbun in September has coverage of the first catch to hit the market. It notes that the meat from this activity is distributed to traditional whale meat consumption centres around the country, with proceeds going towards the research costs. Apparently the meat from the first whale caught each year is allocated on a preferential basis to Kushiro (where the research work is based out of), and 800 kilograms had been distributed into fresh food shops in the area after being sold off through the regional wholesale market there. A shop mentioned in the article that was selling off it's portion for 580 yen per 100 grams had sold out by night fall.


New laws must be passed for all Japanese to eat their whale every day. I eat my whale every day, to protest US blockade of Japan. Western attempt to cut off Japan's food source.

Thank you for being a supporter of true Japanese causes: eat whale, no comfort women ever existed, no Nanjing happened. It is all one issue.
New laws ... to eat whale every day... :D

Bunch of idiots...
Most Honorable 3kun:

May I respectfully ask you a question? You said that "no comfort women ever existed, no Nanjing happened."

My question is this:

Did Hiroshima and Nagasaki happen? How about Pearl Harbor? How about WW II?

Your humble servant,

Master Sergeant
U.S. Army (Retired)
Half Moon Bay, CA
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