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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Whale bacon in Hokkaido; Lunch at Kujira-ya

Well, I'm not in Hokkaido, but a friend of mine who was raised in Hokkaido is back in her home town this weekend with some other friends from Bar Maka.

As we can see from the photo she sent me from her mobile phone, apparently they have some whale bacon at their place. Mmm! Looks tasty!

Whale bacon is consistently available in my local supermarket for about 650 yen a packet (I guess containing maybe 50~60 grams). Not cheap, but I did have some once when I found some on discount.

* * *

I mentioned just before IWC 59 got underway that I had lunch at Kujira-ya.

Here's some photos from that day, up in the second floor of Kujira-ya:

Shima-chan had the steak lunch, Tucchi hadn't ever had whale meat before so we recommended the fried whale lunch to her, Saku-chan being a veteran from his school days went for the raw whale sashimi lunch, as did Imaisuke.

Sashimi was also the only lunch menu option I hadn't tried before (I had the steak and fried lunches on previous occasions when I ate their with some Kiwi and Australian friends), so that was my selection, as it was with Acchan. They have cute whale logos on their beer mugs.

All done! Kujira-ya is also a very nice place for a meal, even if it didn't have whale meat as it's central theme. Whether to take your non-Japanese friends there or not depends on how adventurous they are, and perhaps whether they fear being struck down by lightning for daring to eat the meat of the world's most abundant baleen whale species, the Antarctic minke whale.

Geishoku Labo also introduced another new whale meat restaurant in Ikejiri-Ohashi recently, which is on my list of places to go sometime.


For my part, I had North Atlantic minke whale today (grilled, with potatos, sauce and salad). No lightning yet. Can you believe that the gods just stand by and watch as we devour the holy cow of the sea? Incredible!
Looking at the pictures, I vomited.
Maybe the gods are just standing by and waiting sirocco, for when you get brain disease from toxic meat.

I still hope you choke on your next whale meal Dave!
The meat is toxic since when? Methinks you're confusing it with the blubber. Anyway, it's quite possible to get brain disease without eating whale. Just look at Paul Watson.
Sounds like it's already set in Sirocco.
I agree. Both in Watson and you.
Anyway, it's quite possible to get brain disease without eating whale. Just look at Paul Watson.

At least David and Y/H Japan have thought their out arguments...
According to ALP the whale watching industry is worth 300 million dollars to Australia
This is something that no-one denys.

They are friendly, highly intelligent animals.

Whaling is potentially life threatening bisiness for everyone.

They are economically worth more alive than whale bacon.
Is it worth risking your life for whale bacon? Maybe...
Perhaps the whale bacon tastes extremely nice and tasty...But out of respect think of the crewmember every time you eat it. Think of the sacrifice involved.
SA in Melbourne

My 14 y.o. kid brother's English is superior to yours, and it's his 2nd language. Judging from your rambling post, I'd say he is also a stronger thinker. If it's any consolation though, I still think you're brighter than a minke.
Sirocco mate,


Yes I make mistakes because I type rather fast.
I don't however spend hours on end posting.. I am too busy for that. Maybe you don't have a job/and or work at home getting unemployment benefits. Lucky you. :D

"At least David and Y/H Japan have thought out their arguments"
This is what it should have been.

If it's any consolation though, I still think you're brighter than a minke.

I'll take that as a compliment :D

But anyway mate,

I'd like you to comment on the articles...

I have been eating whale bacon
for 40 years, but there is nothing wrong with my brain.

In fact, I had never let any vessel ram and never tossed
dangerous chemicals to the innocent vessels.

Of course, I have never been arrested by police.

>it's quite possible to get brain >disease without eating whale. >Just look at Paul Watson.

GOOD !! Nice expression.

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Anonymous poster,

Please have at least a little courtesy and not pretend to be other posters, although ultimately the only person you make look silly is yourself. Your choice.


If you want to know what Sirocco thinks, just check his blog for the whaling posts. I doubt he wants to re-run through all the same tired old anti-whaling arguments any more than I do.
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Hi David,

It was nice meeting you the other day at Kujira-ya.
I'm looking forward to chatting with you again.

By the way, if you're interested, I know an Ainu restaurant in Nakano. They don't serve whale but the food is very good.

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Anonymous ...

>No-no, David, it woz mi!

Anonymous must know the
web control panel of blog

With the panel,All blog masters tell false one and corrct one.

There is no need for you to be
a child.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

>David, pliz, ban zis anonymoz >pritendin tu bi me.

Please check the remote host
of your blog control panel.

He is tring to confuse us.




Well, for what it's worth, I had a little whale today too.
My neighbour was kind enough to drop off a small slab of maqtaq which I devoured as is cut up into small chunks dipped in soja sauce.
It had been frozen so it's not quite as good as straight off the whale's back but still a nice treat.

As for S.A. from Melbourne's regurgitation of the old untested cliche "They are economically worth more alive than whale bacon." I really wish they'd explain why the net worth of one economic endeavour somehow interdicts another economic use.
After all, just because the baker makes more than the candlestick maker it doesn't mean we make candles illegal.
We should congratulate ourselves that we have two different revenue streams from the same resource. There's ample evidence that both can coexist.
That means a few more good people feeding their kids and developing community.
Works for me.
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