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Commercial whale catch off Hokkaido

Here's an article on commercial whaling in Japan's coastal waters.
First Baird's beaked whale landing, in Hakodate port, weighing 8.5 tonnes

The first Baird's beaked whale to be caught this year in the Sea of Japan was landed at Hakodate port in Hokkaido late on the evening of the 28th.

The whale, a female of 9.5 metres in length weighing approximately 8.5 tonnes, was caught earlier on the same day in the seas off Matsumae in Hokkaido by a whaling boat from the fishing association of Taiji, Wakayama. The whale was loaded into a trailer by a large crane, and transported to a processor in Hakodate city.

The following morning on the 29th, the whale was sold at auction at the regional marine product wholesale market in Hakodate. Around 1 tonne of red meat was sold off at a price of 1,450 yen per kg, in line with last year's prices. It will be shipped as food.

The Baird's beaked whale hunting season in the Sea of Japan runs until the end of June, with a catch limit of 10 whales. The species is distributed widely in the North Pacific, and while it falls outside International Whaling Commission (IWC) regulations, Japan independently regulates the fishery for conservation of the resource.

I've read that Baird's beaked whale is not as good for eating as baleen whales such as the Minke, and the meat can not be used as Sashimi.

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"...fishery for conservation of the resource."

What are you? IQ deficient?
What is the point of selectively quoting the article like that?

The exploitation of marine resources is regulated for resource conservation pretty much everywhere in the world. I do not know where the anonymous poster above is from, but I'd be surprised if it was any different in his/her homeland, just as I am unsurprised that the Japanese authorities are regulating the exploitation of this species by Japanese nationals.

Perhaps the above poster would rather believe that this whaling activity was unregulated, which provoked the outburst?
1. Selective quoting was used in good traditions of this blog's author. So, while I stay within the rules of the blog, why not?

2. Japan's fishery has got may be the worst management history in the world. And more to come - with crab-poaching in Russian waters and wiping out southern bluefin tuna, the plunder-list must soon be populated with something new. No doubt about that - Japanese just can't stop and won't stop until the fish are no more.
Poaching is bad, yes, the Southern Bluefin Tuna has been severely overfished yes, and it is your view that "Japanese just can't stop and won't stop until the fish are no more", OK you are entitled to your opinion...

What made you want to post all that (and your initial outburst) here in relation to the Baird's beaked whale hunt? What do you hope I and other readers will take away from your comments?
>IQ deficient?

Anonymous seems IQ deficient

"What do you hope I and other readers will take away from your comments?"

That you are a jackass. Pretty obvious really.
What evidence have you given that you are anything but an attention craving troll with nothing interesting to say?
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