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Whale weekend

Just got back from a top Sunday...

Had a fabulous whale meat lunch at Shibuya's "Kujira-ya" with 5 Japanese friends from my favourite local bar (will add photos later maybe), then we headed off to Ebisu, where we took in the beer memorial hall (taking in 4 different beer samples), then headed off to Shinjuku and had a light meal in Omoide-yokocho, then to some kind of western pub type of joint for more drinks... then to our favourite bar for yet further alcohol... a long but pleasant afternoon/evening!

I also picked up a copy of NewsWeek, which apparently features a pretty westerny article on the whaling issue - I'm yet to read it in it's entirety, but that's what the train to work is for.

Anyway, the IWC plenary starts on the 28th in Anchorage, which works out to be the 29th Japan time, probably starting around 3am JST, so I doubt I will be watching the live broadcast from the very start, but I will open up a new post for "live blogging" tomorrow night before I hit the the futon - just in case I happen to be able to wake up in the early hours of the morning to take in some of the opening of the meeting. The "Future of the IWC" discussion from the Agenda could be interesting to watch first hand.

So, if you are also a whaling issue maniac, and living in an appropriate time zone, feel free to pop along tomorrow - you may find someone else here also enjoying the broadcast of the proceedings, as was the case last year.

Hi David,

How is it going for you?
Like last year, I too, intend to keep an eye on the live boadcast of the IWC meeting. I'll be pleased to give a hand for interventions in French.

Btw, have you seen the two articles the BBC released recently? They are quite interesting (especially the second one) and different to what we usual read in Western medias. Here are the links, but I'm pretty you'll have read them already.



Also, GP Japan has recently released an animation movie for their "Whale-Love" campaign. The animation in itself is very well done...but tyhe message is very naive. It's something like "Whales saved us, now it's our turn to save them". I think you can find it on the Whale-Love website or on youtube.

That's funny, I went to the Yushin restaurant in Asakusa, yesterday evening. Anyway, we should have lunch in Kujira-ya sometime soon.

Yeah, I have seen those articles. Richard Black seems pretty receptive to the "other" perspective of this issue, so it's nice to read his articles on the BBC website.

Also looking to taking a look at the Scientific Committee report, hopefully tomorrow once the meeting starts - I presume the IWC will upload it to their homepage in quick order.

Yesterday we called our excursion to Kujira-ya "第一回", and we want to go along again for dinner again in a few months. Lunch is pretty reasonable, ranging between 1250 and 1600 yen for what is a very nice set meal, but the course meals too are not as expensively priced as I once remember. The cheapest one is still 5,000 yen, but the most expensive one (called "南極" - great name :)) is still only 8,000. I think we'll probably go for the cheapest one, or otherwise order individual items off the menu. They have a huge variety :) I'll let you know when we decide a date, but we should also meet up sometime before that too :)

See you tomorrow!
David-san & Isanatori-san,

Thank you very much for supporting
Japan at IWC!!

Humm...3 AM is the time for me too
early to wake up.I wish I could have talked with you all.

Tomorrow I have to go to office.
I will see how the meeting was
going on later.

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