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IWC 59: Pre-plenary vilification

The usual pre-IWC plenary anti-whaling propaganda has been flying thick and fast through the western media, with various groups whose web pages bear "donate now" banners issuing a range of statements vilifying the IWC's pro-sustainable use nations, particularly Japan, despite of everything that has been said and done in recent times.

It's almost as if these groups are rooting for noisy confrontations, rather than subdued and dignified proceedings...

The IWC's Conservation Mandate

One NGO representative recently repeated a suggestion that the pro-sustainable use camp would seek to "strip the IWC of its conservation mandate" were they to have enough votes to do so (a simple majority).

The suggestion is presumably in reference to the IWC's "Conservation Committee", controversially established in 2003, and feared by sustainable use advocates as being another ruse by the anti-sustainable use camp to subvert the IWC from it's dual mandate to "provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry" (ICRW).

New Zealand Prime Minister Clark has been employing similar rhetoric, suggesting that New Zealand's ultra-protectionist position is "for conservation", and anything else is not.

Indeed, the pro-sustainable use camp are most certainly for conservation - they simply believe that conservation is not inconsistent with conservative levels of consumptive utilisation.

Joji Morishita has clearly stated Japan's stance on the IWC Conservation Committee matter previously:
"The conservation committee, if it works, is not bad for us, actually. And as we said at the time, if they can include both sustainable use and the protection, we have no problem."
It's also a matter of record (see the IWC 59 meeting's Annotated Agenda) that Japan won't propose the deletion of the Conservation Committee, or other agenda items which Japan believes to be inappropriate:
"Japan indicated that in keeping with its attempt to reduce conflict within the IWC and as part of its efforts to normalise the organisation, it will not propose the deletion of these or any other agenda item at the 59th Annual Meeting"

The "Aboriginal subsistence" quota issue

Previously in 2002, the pro-sustainable use lobby tried a tactic of illustrating the USA's double standards on whaling by opposing the renewal of the Alaskan people's bowhead whale quota.

This issue has a long history - even in 1982 when the IWC agreed to a commercial whaling moratorium, bowhead quotas were still granted at a time when the stock was estimated to number only between 3,390 and 4,325. After the imposition of the moratorium, the IWC Scientific Committee later in 1990 estimated the Antarctic minke whale population at around 760,000. Still, the IWC was not prepared to permit the taking of even a single Antarctic minke whale.

In 2002, the pro-sustainable use bloc ultimately didn't get any concessions out of the US, and at a subsequent special meeting, quotas were granted anyway.

Still, NGO representatives and politicians have suggested that Japan may once again try to "blackmail" the USA into supporting Japan's coastal whaling permit request.

Once again, Joji Morishita on the issue:
"As long as (the science supports the bowhead hunt), we will just say yes to their proposal."
What the remainder of the pro-sustainable use nations decide to do is up to them. However, with the Tokyo normalization meeting calling for attempts to reduce conflict, and the fact that exposing the USA's double standards didn't gain the pro-sustainable use camp much sympathy in 2002, they too may not be such a big issue. I'm picking the decision to come down to a simple matter of the IWC Scientific Committee's advice on the stock.

* * *

While they are busy trying to stir up donating attracting publicity, I wonder if the fund-raising industry hasn't taken their eyes off the ball - if they actually care about it at all...

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>Mr,Morishita says "As long as
>(the science supports the
>bowhead hunt), we will just say
>yes to their proposal."

I want Mr,Morishita not to say yes to the U.S. in any occasions.
He should be a severer tough negotiator.

1,He says yes .In return,the U.S
does not let SSCS go anywhere.

2,He says yes.In return,the U.S
should let us catch 250 Minke whales in the Japanese coast.

Otherwise, there is no reason to
support the U.S.


I suppose unfortunately for those who would like to eat more whale meat than they are able now, the hard bargin approach is desirable, but it seems that they have different ideas at the 水産庁.

Did you see the videos from Morishita-san and Moronuki-san at 超人大陸
Hi! Thank you for your reply to my comments.

>Did you see the videos from Morishita-san and Moronuki-san at 超人大陸?

Yes. Thank you. I knew David-san have talked about the videos.I saw their comments to find they were so enthusiastic to let many people know the facts of whales.

Above all,they are rather cool than we think, having the views to our futute,so they seem to dislike the idea of getting something in short time.To them,the hard bargain approach does not seem desirable.

However,regarding the relation between Japan and the U.S,there is much for us to say the U.S.The most disgusting point,as we often say,is they easily change rules and laws as they like in any way and in any time.They think the rules are always for themselves.

It is true of the issue of whales.Please imagine the IWC history and the behavior of the U.S.Last year, We remember it was the U.S.that tried to protect Green Peace not to loose their observer status at IWC. This year,I am not sure if the violence of SSCS will be talked at this IWC 59 as an agenda.If not,I would like to ask the U.S. if they really have the ideas to stop the crazy SSCS.

The U.S ! In one hand is bowhead whales and in the other hand is the crazy SSCS.That is dirty,isn't it?

We'll have to see how the USA decides to behave at IWC 59... but to date it's certainly the case that they have played the game to suit themselves - whaling quotas for Alaskans, but a hard time for others.

More so than their reaction to the Alaskan whalers, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Greenland's hunting permits. It's now well documented that in Greenland, whale meat is sold in supermarkets. What is the difference between Greenlanders selling their meat in supermarkets, and Japanese selling their meat in supermarkets? Other than a difference in the race of those involved, I see no difference at all.

If the USA opposes Japan's coastal whaling permit, they should be expected to oppose Greenland's hunts as well, because of the commercial aspects of it.

SSCS violence is on the agenda - item 11:

11. Safety Issues At Sea And Their Implications
11. 海上安全及び関連事項

I think we can but hope for a very strongly worded resolution against support from any nation for groups that take such actions on the high seas. If another weak worded resolution comes out of this year's meeting it will be an absolute scandal.

I think one way or another, the Japanese Government or other nations must set a timetable for a whaling resumption under the IWC's rules. If it can't be achieved at the IWC by year 20xx, then they should commit to ditching the IWC. Otherwise this could continue for years.
Sorry again,David-san.

>If the USA opposes Japan's
>coastal whaling permit, they
>should be expected to oppose
>Greenland's hunts as well,
>because of the commercial
>aspects of it.

Finally,the USA does not think
of Japan or they do not have
intention to give something to
our country !So,that is why the Japanese members should be
tough negotiators.

>SSCS violence is on the agenda - >item 11:

Thank you for the info.
I am very interested in this agenda.But as I see,any decision
at IWC is invalid,because,last year,all the IWC members decided to
stop the dangerous behaviors at high sea. But,in real,SSCS as if alike a venom snake,was successful to disturb the research of Japan.

The Uk seemingly de-registered the crazy vessels,but never stopped them to go.The AU permitted to enter them to their bay.
Then we saw the injured persons
with the crazies'behaviors.
(I still have the strong suspison
the fire of Nissin-maru was due to
the crazies)In the IWC decisions,there is nothing effective to Japan.

Japan should save the whaling
vessels for ourselves!

Did you read the NewsWeek (Japan
editon) ?

I am in a fury about the article
"クジラ最終戦争"(whale final wars).

Tomorrow I will give comments.


No I haven't seen NewsWeek! But I will see if I can find a copy today :)
Hmm, just reading about the NewsWeek article here. Looks like a Greenpeace propaganda piece!
Hi! Thanks.

I would like to ask Daid-san to read all the article.I am very discouraged to see the magazine lost some important points we should know.

As the NewsWeek is a magazine of the USA ,an anti-whaling bloc,we see something we have to overlook,
but the most disgusting is the point below.

SSCS is the terrorist of piracy.
The NewsWeek is not blaming their crazy behavior.Moreover,it says some Hollywood stars are supporting the group,as if they got publicity. Watson, the crazy leader who was arrested many times was on the next page to the top in a big colored photo.

This is unbelievable. Apart from GP,there is no magazine releasing the photo of terrorist as hero.
And the magazine also says GP behaves under the non-violent policy.This is also the propaganda they like to speak out.

Does the NewsWeek really know the decision of IWC last year,I wonder ? Otherwise,It is not exaggeration to say they might get donations from GP.

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