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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



IWC 2007: Day 2

[06:30 JST] The IWC has apparently approved the USA whaling quota, as well as the Russian whaling quota (by consensus).

I didn't listen to the proceedings, but obviously the big blow up that was reported by so many in the western media was totally off the mark.

After lunch, will the good faith showed by the supporters of sustainable use such as Denmark, Japan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Iceland, and Norway etc be reciprocated?

[07:25 JST] A brief discussion on the term "aboriginal". St. Kitts and Nevis notes that the term was not a name chosen by the whalers themselves, but imposed upon them, like collonialism. Like collonialism, St. Kitts and Nevis beleives the terms should go.

The US had problems with this.

The item remains open.

[07:30 JST] RMS / RMP issues now.

I should note that the IWC Scientific Committee report is now available.


Hi! David-san & Isanatori-san

Tomorrow the SSCS will be criticized intensely at IWC.

The Japanese delegations will
explain how dangerous the crazy
group is,using Power Point.

I hear NZ has a nice plan.
I am looking forward to it.

On the other hand,Australia,which
permitted the pirates to enter the
bay and let them go to high sea ,has the logical explanations for this?

Japan has to ask the reson why.

If you think that Sea Shepherd are evil and terrorists, it doesn't mean that everyone should bend to your opinion. There are places in this world, where Sea Shepherd are treated as heroes. Among these places is Australia.
By the way, I hope Kiwi's part will mostly be devoted to 'Nisshin Maru on fire' thing as an example of extremely irresponsible attitude to pristine Antarctic environment.
>it doesn't mean that everyone >should bend to your opinion.

Everyone has his own opinion-
this is O.K.But ramming vessels,
throwing dangerous chemicals or rope-I wonder if your country permits everyone to do these?

These behaviors are of criminals.
At least,in Japan,whatever anti whaling or pro-whaling might be,
such behavior leads them to jail.This is the normal way.

If you are happy to see the crazies' behavior,you have to check the structure of your brain.

I'm not only happy with their behavior, but I condone in every possible way and support them.

By law, they might be criminals. By justice, they are not. Law often lags behind justice, but some day they finally coincide. I'm looking forward for that day.

By the way, by law, Japanese whalers might be criminals too!

In the end, if you are so obsessed with lawfulness, then may be you should start with yourself before pointing to anyone else or any other nation and sue Unit 731 bastards and send them to jail for committing crimes against humanity. As far as I know, they're enjoying their lives at large.

>I'm not only happy with their >behavior, but I condone in every >possible way and support them.

Well,I am very sorry to say
you has to go to hospital immediately. Check please.

>By law, they might be criminals. >By justice, they are not. Law >often lags behind justice, but >some day they finally coincide. >I'm looking forward for that day.

It does not make sense at all.
Think. we are living under laws.
I am not sure where you are ,but I am sure at least you are not alone in jangle with wild animals.

JUSTICE? OK, Osama bin Laden always says he behaves under HIS JUSTICE.You accept his idea,don't

SSCS crazies are living in the same idea -this is very dangerous.

>By the way, by law, Japanese >whalers might be criminals too!

Please read David-san's blog
from beginning to the end.
IWC's pages are also useful to you.

>sue Unit 731 bastards and send >them to jail for committing >crimes against humanity.

Our basic understanding is the war was over.Right?Or you are still linving in WW2 ?

>you should start with yourself >before pointing to anyone else or >any other nation.

These words should be returned
to you.Thank you very very very much.

I checked my health and physician says everything's ok. May be that 's because he is my friend and also supports Sea Shepherd.

JUSTICE? OK, Osama bin Laden always says he behaves under HIS JUSTICE.You accept his idea,don't

There is no need for twisting what I said and putting words in my mouth. But I got used to such rhetorics - right-wingers in US often come up with something alike.
Can't defeat in argument - go with smear.

Not surprising is the fact that you've been stuffed with terrorism-rhetorics in relation to Sea Shepherd so much and to the most core of your nature that you proceed with comparing Sea Shepherd and Osama Bin Laden. What's the next step? George Bush vs. Adolf Hitler?

Considering the law and whalers on the high seas - there is an investigation somewhere on the web that was performed by US attorneys and that says that whalers and Japanese government could be sued over the whaling.

Sorry for Unit 731. It's really irrelevant here. Just trying to test your muscles. :) I thought you would engage in silly discussion...

I'm not happy with what Sea Shepherd does. I'd like to see these issue resolved diplomatically , but that's not working. And it's not about only whaling for me! Amazon rainforests are logged. So are Indonesian rainforests - orangutan are losing their native habitat and, by some estimation, could go extinct within the decade. I just don't want nature resources to be plundered to the end - land resources and marine resources. That's why I support Sea Shepherd. And other organizations that try to save the environment from radical wise and sustainable users.
"There are places in this world, where Sea Shepherd are treated as heroes."

Just as stalin and Hitler were venerated in places for a time.

It's always good to see the gormless "progressive" groupies indulging their cult of personality and defending fascists.

Twenty years on and Watson hasn't achieved anything of lasting value beyond a massive dose of self promotion and fund raising.

If that's environmentalism we're all screwed.

Watson's just a bloated and faded vaudevillian.
A relic from a self indulgent hippie past.
Gosh! Again - compare with stalins, hitlers, etc.. This is called generalization, while we're talking about precisely Sea Shepherd issue.

You can't come up with reason - you start smearing! That's the old good story - that's how all radical right-wingers react to criticism.

But you know what... My advice to you. It's better to keep your mouth closed sometimes. Because it's better to be silent and generate doubts about your intellect, than to open the mouth and dispel these doubts completely.
>Twenty years on and Watson hasn't >achieved anything of lasting >value beyond a massive dose of >self promotion and fund raising.

This is right.This is all about
the crazies.They are doing anything
for their donations.

>I checked my health and physician >says everything's ok.

Oh.Thank you .
Then again, you has to go to
dog school to be trained.
May be Watson wants it.

Again,thank you very much for supporting terrorist.

"Gosh! Again - compare with stalins, hitlers, etc.. This is called generalization, while we're talking about precisely Sea Shepherd issue."

This from the guy who throws in everything from Unit 731 to Osama Bin Laden in some tortured logic of fallacious connections???
My point is simply that the cult of personality around Watson is manufactured pap and is meaningless as far as the issue is concerned.They sell whaling eco-heroes the same way they flog the spice girls.

"You can't come up with reason - you start smearing! That's the old good story - that's how all radical right-wingers react to criticism."

What exactly either right or left wing politics have to do with this is quite beyond me. You'll find people of both persuasions tucking into whale steaks.
Besides, from your contribution here, I seriously doubt you could tell a right wing from a left leg.
You're simply just another confused groupie with nothing to contribute here.
Feel free to go hang in one of the myriad of whale hugging sites and work on that warm and fuzzy feeling.
The rest of us here will endeavour to keep an eye on a sustainable future.
One where we recognise our differences and meet them with understanding and tolerance.
Not Manufactured conflict and controversy-in-a-can.
Deary me Anonymous One. IceClass would like his whaling club all to himself with his buddies.Doesn't matter that they go onto other sites, including "whale hugging" ones! But that's the type of hypocrisy you have to expect from them. Poor confused whale killing groupies.
"throwing dangerous chemicals"

Hey Y/H time to do a little chemistry benkyo


Butyric acid is found in butter. Very unpleasant smell, but hardly a dangerous chemical. that's what SSCS threw onto the deck of the whaling vessel.

Tuck in your shirt man, you'll survive.
Hi! Iceclass-san,

At IWC,as we expected,ALL the members criticized SSCS and started to make SSCS stop their crazy behavior more strongly than ever.

Clearly we need not talk
with the crazies seen in this blog.

Hey, Iceclass!

I'm anonymous one who mentioned Unit 731 and whom you mentioned to mention Unit 731. :) Read one of my comments here - I admit that Unit 731 is irrelevant here, has nothing common with whaling, and even begged a pardon for this. Why I did this is solely to show how things could be twisted so that the pro-whaling blog becomes a ground for discussing terrorists, stalins, hitlers, unit 731, and all that irrelevant to whaling stuff. This bullshit often comes from you and I wanted to show you how you could be smeared in the same way. Instead of recognizing that you sometimes go too far when compare Bin Laden and Sea Shepherd, you started smearing and came up with even more bullshit full of stalins, hitlers, and all that stuff.

Considering right and left politicians... I don't care who you are - right or left. What I'm trying to say is that your tactics of approaching the whaling issue and your rhetorics is of the same type as tactics and rhetorics of US right-wingers. Watch Fox News and you get what I'm talking about. You are Bill O'Reilly in Japanese panths. Instead of discussing the reasons why Paul Watson shouldn't do what he does or at least trying to understand his reasons to do what he does, you just label him a terrorist. That's a very useful thing today - if you don't like something or it doesn't suit your agenda, call a person a terrorist and wait for the world to turn its back on this person. It might have worked 5 years ago. But now everyone is full of that terroristic bullshit. And from what I know, Sea Shepherd is only gaining more power and more support each year.
Hi Y/H Japan, hows it going mate?

You consistenly call SSCS "terrorists". Fair enough, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion...

But realise that only pro-whaling countries say this...

By that same measure of "violence" you could put the same terrorist label level on theAustralian Navy. They have been allowed to use cannons to damage illegal fishing vessels... So the Australian Navy must be terrorists then? Maybe...

If SSCS was proved to be responsible for killing someone, then I will obviously discontinue my support. I would actually protest against them if that happened.

Futhermore the Australian and US governments, who are very anti-terrorism doesn't recognise Sea Shepherd as a terrorist group.

S. A from Melbourne

Everyone agrees that the fishing operations you refer to are illegal. The only people who think the ICR's research programme in the Antarctic is illegal are hard-core anti-whaling groups and a certain sector of the public. The international community at large does not think the activities are illegal, and even the incumbent Australian government, which has a responsibility to act as a noble world citizen, like the governments of NZ and the UK have also agreed that they are legally doing nothing wrong.

So, your comparison falls flat on it's face, unless you think the world revolves around what dopey Australian law says (why do you think Australia established a sanctuary in disputed waters? smart move?)

Sea Shepherd are a waste of time, and they have achieved nothing in the Antarctic. No whales saved. When they rammed a vessel they chose a sightings ship, which was looking at a pod of sperm whales. They were never to be hunted, yet Sea Shepherd took the opportunity to make a dangerous stunt show out of it.

What they did achieve last year is probably only making it even harder for them to get their ships to the Antarctic next summer.


The world has more important things to concern itself with than this bunch of clowns and their supporters. History will look back on them without significance placed on their existence.

what can you know about more important things this world has to be concerned with?

May be, you mean poor nations.

Have you ever donated to any charity helping poor nations to sustainably develop?

Or may be you have tried to help them some other way, directly, by going to Africa, for example?

I think you haven't.

The only thing that you have ever made for them is that each time you are eating whale meat and drinking beer, you talk about that we should be concerned!

I've met persons like you a lot. You can't come up with something that makes this world different, that makes this world changing for good. Your only option is to level criticism at someone who does have a heart. And not only in their words, but in actions!

Were this blog about Red Cross, you would find something to criticize them for as well. You can't touch in with these people - they are morally too high for your nature. So you go with not making you equally high to them, but with making them equally low to you. That's your mission on this planet - to put everyone compassionate into deep shit so that you could look not like a cold-hearted one in comparison with them.

So may be there are more important things in this world than Sea Shepherd, but the one obliged to speak out about this is definitely not you, who has never torn an ass away out of compassion.

You're a cynical moral loon with good literacy skills. Nothing more!
Hi! S.A

Today I ate grilled whalemeat.
It was nice indeed.Please call us dogs or primitive Japs.It is a great disgrace for you to be given much money or investment by Japan.
The dogs of the big power stop
to feed humanbeings:we stop having Aussie beef,we stop going sight seeing.

Aha! Good. If you like.

>By that same measure >of "violence" you could put the >same terrorist label level on >theAustralian Navy.

Hummm... Navy is the nation's
operation.I am sure it is not
the group of terrorists.
But if the commander is insane,
it obiviously becomes that of terrorists.For example,the North Korea is the typical one.

In the case of SSCS, the commander
is CRAZY.The Navy of the SSCS is
i,e, that of terrorists.

I don't think AU sends Navy to
high sea because most of the
Australia people are level-headed.

>I will obviously discontinue my >support. I would actually protest >against them if that happened.

O.K I am very happy to see you are
not a real dog.

P.S. Tomorrow the fried whalemeat
will be given by my wife.
I do not hope you will think my wife and I stupid dogs.

Thank you.

This is the Whale War of
Japan !!


2002: IWC at Shimonoseki








"The world has more important things to concern itself with than this bunch of clowns and their supporters. History will look back on them without significance placed on their existence."

Could be talking about this blog and its regular contributors. Sweet.
Houston, we have another bored troll...erm groupie.
Please direct him throught the flower garden to the macrame class where he can be safely headed off to the whale hugging room.

Next clown please!
...This is the Whale War of
Japan !!

Ok then...
Please call us dogs or primitive Japs.
I can't believe your're saying this. I never have called you these names.
The dogs of the big power stop
to feed humanbeings..

But if the commander is insane,
it obiviously becomes that of terrorists

Yep, it's true. But I suppose that could happen in any navy, not just Australia's.
O.K I am very happy to see you are
not a real dog.

Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment :D.
I do not hope you will think my wife and I stupid dogs.
No worries mate. You're OK.

S.A from Melbourne

Hi! Good evening.

Glad to know you are a level-headed
man,because you do not accept the idea of injuring somebody. Very good.

SSCS says they have never injured
somebody- this is a big lie.
Apart from the affection to whales,please look into this point for yourself.

All I want is to keep the nice
friendship between your country
and our country. Whales must not be used as political ways.


whom has Sea Shepherd injured?




"Next clown please!"

And iceclass you make the perfect ringleader!

Bored troll? Who could possibly be bored when they are laughing so hard?
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