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David @ Tokyo

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Chris Carter's selective memory

New Zealand "Conservation" Minister Chris Carter in action again. Apparently he...

... approached Japan's ambassador to New Zealand to ask that Japan drop the humpback hunt in return for the assistance New Zealand gave Japan after its whaling vessel Nisshin Maru was disabled by a fire off the northern Antarctic coast in February.

Wellington provided weather information and communications support to the Japanese whaling fleet, and a sick whaler was brought to New Zealand for hospital treatment.

"We are trying to persuade the Japanese to drop the humpbacks as a gesture of goodwill," Carter told National Radio

Chris seems to have forgotten commissioning the New Zealand Air Force to collect propaganda footage for him. The Japanese obviously weren't impressed, as it led to Sea Shepherd putting out a monetary bounty for the fleet co-ordinate information, and the stunt subsequently saw him mocked by even the domestic New Zealand media for his poor diplomatic skills.

This silly remark indicates no signs of improvement.

Japan is entitled to permit the ICR to lethally sample 50 humpbacks (or indeed, as many as they determine fit under their programme).

If Carter seriously wishes to see Japan refrain from exercising it's rights in accordance with the terms of international agreements, it needs to offer Japan a real concession in return, not play these silly games in the media.


Hi! David-san,

To me,Minister Chris Carter is much smarter than Rudd of AU, because he doesn't have intention to send navy vessels to save LOVELY whales.

To Aussuies,whales seems to be so important to send navy vessels,to the Japanese,(may be to the other pro-whaling countries)that is ridiculous indeed even if the vessels are used as political ways.

In fact,in Japanese news paper, there is no article in reference to the strange topic because the Japanese do not send JSDF vessels to save kangaroos :-)

I feel it rather good for Aussies not to let many Japanese know the election war for the sake of themselves.

Recently some Japanese news paper have begun to release the safty of U.S Beef again.

I do not hope it is linked with the result of Aussies's noise,though.

True - the difference is that Chris Carter is in power, where as Rudd is trying to gain power. He can say whatever he likes at this stage.

Hideki Moronuki of the JFA was contacted by Australian media about the suggestions, but he didn't comment on them, as they weren't Australian policy.
Given NZ only has 2 warships of significant size (and these are mere frigates), any threat from NZ is unlikely to be credible anyway.

I note that the Maui doplhin is reputed to now have a population of somewhere betwee 50 and 100 animals, with around 25 females of breeding age.

Perhaps if the Japanese were to catch and drown the whales in nets, the anti-whaling countries would be satisfied ;-).
Indeed, the strange thing about the whaling controversy is that the real subject of protest is the ICR's programme targeting the world's most abundant baleen whale species, the Antarctic minke.

Little if anything is said about whaling in the western north Pacific, and even less about by-catch in set nets in Japanese waters.

For most critics from New Zealand this doesn't seem to have much to do with conservation per se...

Also close to home for Kiwis:
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