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Update from Hirado

Remember the story from Hirado back in January about plans to re-establish whale meat cuisine?

Here's an update on this story in another Japanese article from the 15th of February:
The nostalgic new flavor - whale cuisine revived in Hirado

(Photo caption: The "Kujira-zukushi set meal" sashimi that will be available from the 15th)

Hotels and restaurants in Hirado will start providing whale cuisine as the "nostalgic new flavor" from the 15th. They have created a combined menu using the food culture of the region, and will sell the food as the a regional food speciality product.

Hirado prospered in the Edo era due to whaling, centered in Ikitsuki island. Aiming to create speciality products related to that history and culture, menu development was conducted on commission from the
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Combined recipes were created after a series of taste testing events.

As for the unified menu, a Hirado association of eating and drinking places is offering sashimi-mori (800 yen), kujira-zukushi set meal (1,350 yen), chanpon (900 yen), and salad mori (800 yen). The Hirado hospitality association's menu includes miso yaki, miso nabe, shabu-shabu, and sashimi mori (prices yet to be set). Development is to continue, and the number of menu items further increased.

Besides the unified menu, each eating and drinking place is offering additional creative dishes, including innovative chirashi / nigiri-zushi, sukiyaki set meal, shuumai, and chili sauce. The Hirado association of eating and drinking places is promoting the menu items, saying "It's healthy food which brings back old memories. We've set prices cheaply. We hope people will visit Hirado and try out the kujira-zukushi set meat, which includes 3 or 4 whale dishes."

It'd be interesting to know if they have some kind of preferential deal in order to be able to guarantee a supply of whale meat is available.

Some related links:
1) A publication from Hirado city featuring whale meat cuisine
2) 平戸料飲業組合 (the Hirado association of eating and drinking places, not sure of the English name - probably isn't one)

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Original Japanese text from the translated article:
懐かしくて新しい味 平戸でクジラ料理復活










実は、このあいだ行き着けの「とんすい」という定食屋に行ったら、なんと「クジラ刺600円」もありましたよ。さっそく御馳走になりました (^_^)

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