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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Quick round-up

There seems to have been a fair bit of whaling news over the past week. Just a few things:

- The JARPA fleet returned, and the Japan Coast Guard is apparently investigating both the damage from Sea Shepherd's actions and the cause of the fire accident that took a man's life and cut the expedition short (the body of the deceased man had arrived in Kagoshima some days ago now - I have a Japanese article on this to translate sometime). Shigetoshi Nishiwaki, expedition leader of the ICR is reported to believe that the cause of the fire was probably due to an electrical fault, but investigations aren't complete yet.

- The IWC Scientific Committee JARPA Review meeting report was uploaded to the IWC homepage late last week. Almost immediately afterwards Greenpeace issued a (predictably misleading) news release, selectively quoting and muddling information from the report. Suffice it to say, if you read the report for yourself (or even just section 8 carefully) you get a substantially different impression. The media appears to have been largely apathetic anyway - reports like this obviously don't sell news so well anymore. I'll have more of my views on the JARPA review report on another occasion.

- A Tanzanian official visiting Japan reportedly expressed to his counterparts that his nation can support Japan's position on the whaling issue, and they are looking to join the IWC in time for this year's IWC meeting. I'll look to translate more on this later as well.

- An article in a Japanese newspaper reported (available here at the JWA site) that the All Japan Seamen's Union applied to the Foreign Minister to have the Greepeace ship, the Esperanza, barred from entry, citing the Arctic Sunrise's collision with the Nisshin Maru from the 2005/2006 expedition, and the way in which union member's lives were put at risk. Ultimately it seems that the Esperanza has been refused entry after the company that was lined up to handle their entry was approached by the union. A sanctimonious Greenpeace have been whinging about this, and trying to give the impression that they are being punished for Sea Shepherd's eco-terrorism in February. As much as Greenpeace's PR spinsters like to proclaim that their organization is so morally pure, the fact is that they have frequently exceeded the bounds of what can reasonably be considered "peaceful", "non-violent" protest over the last decade.

Greenpeace was also criticised earlier this year in relation to a separate incident by New Zealand Energy Minister, David Carter. He said "This stunt is a real disappointment. Not only is it unnecessary but it potentially puts lives at risk... I am surprised Greenpeace has not shown better judgment... this illegal stunt is a step too far."

* * *

I'm busy with some wedding related preparations this weekend, so more (sometime) later.

Good day David,

Enjoy your new home, hope the paint dries soon !!

I was surprised that you were not quicker to post about the "Esperansa" banning from Japanese ports! Guess your move is the answer. It is not that I am soft on GP, they represent civil society when government needs to be challenged and in some respects they do, their publicity stunts can have the potential to wind some folks up, but look deeper as you ask of your readers who fail to agree with you !!

I wonder how you will react to the news of the accusation of breaching the Basel Convention......Seems to reinforce their modus operand um.


Before I even got to the comparison of the IWC allegations I was thinking them.

Locally in Antigua there is talk on the drums that we are going to have yet another fishery facility, complete with an aquarium, guess we are going to have a dolphinarium for educational and entertainment purposes.

Yet our sister isle Barbuda has seen no investment of this kind and is in vastly more need than we are here with four already completed, one is utilized well, with room for more utilization, the others are minimally used for the purpose built, instead providing fuel to some fisher folk and quite a few pleasure vessels. BTW there is no provision for fuel spills !!!

It has been brought to my attention that the Chair of the "Normalization meeting" desired his summary to be circulated widely, yet the JAF reference you have made really does not address the two page summary that I have seen. Apart from this I fail to find it on the "net". Wonder where the transparency is here. Clearly the IWC failing to publish it suggests that this meeting has not been acknowledged. Frankly the meeting was rude, as there has been ample opportunity within the IWC to compromise, which they have not. Mules and stubborn ring bells here.

Interesting move coming from Tanzania, wonder what the reality is here though. Look forward to your comments, when did this ocurr ?

Wonder what you make of the represention at the meeting of Nicaragua by Marenco Urcuyo, who was on official vacation at the time and there in a private capacity as there was no formal government representation. Guess his pay masters required his presence. He also represents at FAO and Pacific tuna body, mmph smells a bit.


Interesting that you draw attention to GP's activities, in a bad light, yet in the same article...

"While I can understand Greenpeace's concern to get its message about climate change across, this illegal stunt is a step too far. I have met with Greenpeace previously and will meet with them in the future, but I am not meeting with them at the moment" Mr Parker said.

So to Cricket, seems that West Indies are under pressure being beaten by Australia convincingly today, tomorrow up against a rested and fresh Kiwi side, the unfortunate weather means the will be playing three days on the trot !

Tell me when does a behaviour or activity become traditional ??
"It is not that I am soft on GP, they represent civil society when government needs to be challenged..."

You have to be complertely kidding, right???
How on earth can you ascribe representation to a completely unaccountable corporation?

You'd have more rights and representation if you stuck your twenty bucks into Monsanto shares!

Sorry Martin but such statements are not only unthinking and direly short sighted but plain wrong as well as dangerous.

$20 would be invested for financial gain in Monsanto.

$20 to GP, SS et al is a contribution to have some sort of action on ones behalf as most folks are caught up in earning a living to advocate any position that is contrary to their governments or indeed varied companies like Monsanto.

As to representation, this is an organization with a few million members.

Interesting that you chose to point this out, guess your up for Japan's export of toxic waste. Civil servants taking holiday to attend a meeting that their government chooses not attend!!

Have you seen or even looked for the chairs report etc.

Seems accountability is important to you, as indeed it is to me.

So let us compare apples with apples, not carrots.

Easier to damn the easy stuff..comment to the meat of my comments or indeed Davids round-up post would be vastly more interesting and appropriate.

Too busy to respond - it might become possible to do so if you would stay on topic.
As a shareholder in Monsanto, I have a given package of rights and some oversight abilities.

As a citizen, I have a myriad of levers to pull and influence; from local to National and everything in between and beyond. (And if you live in a small jurisdiction you're ability to be heard and influence is that much greater)

After I've chucked GreenPeace a twenty I have no rights or oversight at all.

Why not just go the whole hog and just start funding your own armed mercenary forces to travel the globe enforcing your own brand of ecological and cultural prejudices?

He who can access cash wins!

GreenPeace are just as much a product of and response to Capitlism as Monsanto.
Their incorporated status is almost irrelavant.
Both persue the almighty greenback.

It's clear that when you talk of "the people" you refer to those few in the developed nations with the spare cash.
This leaves out literally billions of people and Peoples.

I continue to maintain that your thinking is shallow and dangerous.
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