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JARPA II 2006/2007 Update #19 - Sea Shepherd madness

In their last ditch at media-glory, Paul Watson and his band of rogues have attacked two of the ICR's vessels - the Nisshin Maru (mother ship) on Friday, and more recently the Kaiko Maru - a dedicated sighting survey vessel.

Sea Shepherd's actions have been condemned across the board:

USA IWC Commissioner (and new Chair) Bill Hogarth:

“I’m disappointed Sea Shepherd took an action that risked lives,” said U.S. IWC Commissioner, Bill Hogarth. “We passed a resolution last year to discourage this type of rogue activity. The United States is extremely concerned that encounters like this could escalate into more violent interactions between the vessels. We still oppose Japan’s research whale hunts, but the way to resolve this is through the IWC process. These dangerous confrontations in the Southern Ocean must stop before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.”

“The safety of vessels and life at sea is the highest priority for the United States and the nations that respect the rule of law on the high seas,” said Hogarth. “I ask all parties to respect the Commission’s wishes and immediately refrain from any acts that risk human life or safety at sea.”

NZ Conservation Minister Chris Carter:

``What they are doing is putting their lives at risk and ... I feel, compromising a very strong conservation message because I think most fair-minded people would see it as extreme overreacting to put your life at risk,'' he said.

New Australian Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull:

Australia's Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull tonight said that while Australia remained opposed to whaling, Sea Shepherd activists should refrain from dangerous action.

"We again call on Sea Shepard to conduct their operations in a safe and peaceful manner," he said in a statement.

"The type of action they are now proposing - such as ramming vessels - could result in a tragedy."

And of course the ICR:

“Sea Shepherd is conducting a campaign of outright destruction and terrorism. We have serious concerns that someone will be injured or killed in its destructive terrorism.”

“Sea Shepherd is not an environmental group. It is a terrorist vigilante group that operates outside of the law. Their two vessels are currently sailing flagless after England and Belize didn’t want to be associated with eco-terrorism and de-registered them,” Dr Hatanaka said.

As for Watson:
Mr Watson said today the Farley Mowat was almost out of fuel and he was considering giving the Japanese whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, a "steel enema" by ramming it.

Mr Watson said his boat was now seen as a pirate vessel, and he would rather lose it in defence of whales than to bureaucrats.
We can only keep our fingers crossed that none of the ICR crew come to harm because of this outrageous behavior.

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>Fortune favors the brave!!!

There in no place for an idiot
like you to give any comments

All the world knows they are

>Me too - hopefully we don't wake >up to further news of violence >tomorrow...

Thank you for the up-dated info.

Indeed SS is the crazy guys.
Japan should give a direct
punch to the idiots.

Andre, Keep up the support

"Sea Shepherd is successful because of YOU.

With your ongoing support we will continue to serve the world’s oceans and life in the sea with passionate dedication. Your donations help us continue our work to stop overfishing, shark-finning, longlining, sealing, whaling, and many other atrocities around the globe. When you support Sea Shepherd, you support life and you contribute to an ecological legacy that will live long after all of us.

Thank you for your support – it is greatly appreciated.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States, and a registered Stichting in The Netherlands. Gifts are deductible to the full extent of the law. "

"All the world knows they are
Yes they are pirates, pirates of compassion!
The ICR has released a video showing the collision between the Kaiko-maru and the Robert Hunter. Well, I should say the ramming of the Kaiko-maru by the Robert Hunter...

One thing is sure, poor Puff cream and his childish friends will lose their ships through confiscation. And since they took a loan in order to buy their new ship, they will be indebted...

>His childish friends will lose >their ships through confiscation.

Yes! I watched the video to find
the crazies are like apes far from

They will be sent to some zoo.

...Tensions cooled in the Antarctic yesterday when Sea Shepherd president Paul Watson withdrew a threat to ram factory ship Nisshin Maru. New Zealand Conservation Minister Chris Carter offered an exit to the activists, and Captain Watson said afterwards he was convinced regional governments would toughen their action against Japan's humpback whale hunt. -The Age Melbourne

Looks like New Zealand is going to toughen up, and that Paul isn't a terrorist!

"...We do not believe that you can undertake whaling humanely," federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull told ABC radio. "We do not believe whaling is required in the modern world."

"...the NZ Conservation Minister offered New Zealand's help if Sea Shepherd left the Antarctic. "I have asked (Captain Watson) to begin the long trip home, and explained that if his ships require emergency assistance in getting home, then New Zealand will assist him if we are able to, through our search and rescue facilities," Mr Carter said."

Nice :D

"Anti-whaling protesters : Do you support the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling protesters?
Yes - 88%
No - 12%
Total Votes: 1947 Poll date: 13/02/07"

Nice response if you ask me :)

Sea Shepherd come back to Melbourne mate!

S.A from Melbourne
Where are these poll results from?
Melbourne chap,

I hate to break it to you but even Chris Carter has been confirming in the media that Japan is doing nothing illegal. All he's going to do is talk more - and that's all he can do. The whaling nations aren't going to stop whaling, just as the anti-whaling nations aren't going to start whaling.

A rational step at this point would to be compromise and ensure that whaling is brought back under international control and managed in accordance with the scientific procedures that have been developed by the IWC's Scientific Committee.

A failure on the behalf of the extremist anti-whaling nations who demand that not even a single whale be killed (except when it's "cultural") will only result in the collapse of the IWC, and as a result the management of whale stocks will be left entirely over to the nations that support the rights of nations to hunt whales in accordance with the IWC.

In simpler terms, the extremist anti-whalers can at least keep the baby, or otherwise, throw it out with the bath water.

This is no-brainer.
For those who haven't seen it yet, the video is here.

It's priceless when the pirates get stuck on an iceberg after ramming the whalers. Yay to icebergs!
Good morning,all!

Daivid-san, thank you for
your blog of the NHK cartoon.

Sirocco-san,there is another
report form ICR.
Probably it is the same video.


All the world knows who rammed.
Watson is releasing lies.


Yes, it's the same video. It should definetely be uploaded to Youtube ASAP.
David-san & all.

Good evening.

I heard a bad news - the fire accident of Nisshin Maru. With regard to this accident,the following is the comments from my guess.

If you find something inappropriate,please do not hesitate to delete.

It was in the afternoon when the accident was informed us of for the first news.However SSCS quickly released it before the 
formal first report in the morning.
It was strangely so quicker than we think.Watson, as if he were the news reporter,as if he knew in advance, was fluently reporting
the accident in details on his web.
I awfully feel this is very very strange.

>>>Japanese Whalers Shut Down By Their Own Folly<<<

Who decides the stop?
Why does he declare?
It is not Watson who decides to stop the research.This is also very strange.

When we looked back on his criminal history,we found there was something strange on the sunk vessels .The clear one is the Shierra ,sunk in 1980,he succeeded in sinking the vessel with limpet mines .Some members,like assasins ,without making noises, approached to the vessel and did it.

In the case of this accident, the fire is very very suspicious .I would like to say with much suspicion Watson might do something of crime to disrupt the research.

According to the Yomiuri Shinbun ,it was in the midnight
that the fire accident happened.An accident is an accident.it happens despite of the much inspection done by people.
However, there are some possibilities for the crazies
to do something dangerous and inhuman.

1) With some boats ,without being noticed ,some crazies approached to Nisshin Maru to throw some fire bomb or something like this.Is it impossible?We have to remember the fire caused in the midnight when most people were sleeping and Watson's main aim is to stop whaling by damaging the vessels.

Strange enough,one of the Nisshin Maru crew ,who is from Kagoshima
Prefecture ,was not found in the vessel.

The crazies kidnapped him ?

The Nisshin Maru is a big vessel.It is easy for someone to think something cruel is done in the vessel.We should remember the
whalers are the symbol of hate to Watson.

2) When Nisshin Maru was attacked by SS for the first time,some of
the exprosive devices might be thrown , set the time to fire automatically? He says he uses the radio-controlled plane to disrupt the research.Is it used ? Yes,he had enoufh chance to use it to set fire!And some members of SSCS touched the Nisshin Maru.They had enough chance to throw the flammable explosive substance.
If it is set to fire on the fixed time...

We have to remember Watson puts the priority to save the whales first,and next to safety of human beings.Terrible!

As he has the violent hatred to the whalers, it is easy for anyone to guess he did something criminal to the whalers.Watson says the same accident happened about 10 years ago.It is well-known by many people of the world.This is true.

I do not intend to make Watson a criminal,but as we see above,
clearly there are many suspicious factors he is regarded as the
potential criminal.

If JFA and ICR found something strange about the inspection of the cause of the fire,I do ask them to reveal without hiding anything.

I hope this accident is an simple one caused by the mistakes of Nisshin Maru crews,not by the crazy group.


The latest information I have seen suggests that the fire was in one of the cold storage compartments beneath the deck.

There is a suggestion that the research may be able to continue as the damage is limited to a cold storage area - the engines are apparently OK.

I don't think SS have anything to do with this - I don't think they have been anywhere near the Nisshin Maru since last weekend.

Let's hope... somehow... that Makita-san of Kagoshima is safe...

Good morning.
Thank you for the comments.

>Let's hope... somehow... that >Makita-san of Kagoshima is >safe...

I hope so too.

If all the animal protest industry trolls have to contribute to this blog is pathetic insults then it must indicate that David is doing good work and is hitting a nerve.

That said, David don't you think it might be time to prune the postings from the trolls just to keep discussion relevant and easier to read?

If anyone wanted to read their crap, it's only a case of clicking on the Sea Schlepper site or equivalent drivel.
I like to leave a few troll posts in place as examples for all the sane but wavering people who read :)

But I did delete at least one totally pointless troll post a day or so ago. Let me clean this thread up a little too!
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