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JARPA II 2006/2007 Update #18

The Nelson Mail ran an editorial in relation to the request for medical assistance for a stricken whaler from Japan to the New Zealand government:

Conservation Minister Chris Carter, an outspoken whaling opponent, says New Zealand helped "because that is the Kiwi way" but he could equally have said that it is the way of decent people everywhere.

... it is also right not to provide the whaling fleet's location to others. In particular, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is showing a fanatical zeal in its efforts to prevent whales being killed.

New Zealand's case would not be strengthened by showing these campaigners where to harass the whalers and put their own and Japanese lives in danger.

It's always heartening to see level-headed opinion like this example coming out of the New Zealand media.

Paul Watson still just doesn't get it:
Apparently, helping conservationists oppose illegal whaling is not the Kiwi way.
People sailing unregistered vessels fitted with "hydraulic can opener" weaponry and issuing threats of ramming other vessels on the high seas will always struggle to find support from civilized governments, even if they try to claim the noble cause of conservation as their objective. Sea Shepherd's true goal is not conservation, but individual whale protection. The conservation of biodiversity on the other hand is a goal which is mutually compatible with sustainable use. And even the New Zealand government recognises that Japan's activity is not "illegal".

Andrew Darby also provides an update. As I mentioned in my own previous update, Sea Shepherd will probably be departing the Ross Sea sometime this week to refuel. It sounds like this is about to eventuate:
... after nearly five weeks in polar waters, the hardline activists of Sea Shepherd are set to leave the Antarctic without having found their quarry, and now are pleading with Australia to let their "pirate" ships land here.

... with fuel running low and claims that the Japanese have used satellites to spy on them, Sea Shepherd are in trouble with shipping authorities


Captain Watson said the New Zealand Government had told him that as an unflagged vessel, the Farley Mowat would be arrested if it arrived there. He is asking for a guarantee that the ships and their crews will not be arrested if they come to Melbourne.


Captain Watson said he was convinced the whalers were using commercially available satellite surveillance data to track and avoid the Sea Shepherd vessels.

But a spokesman for Tokyo's Institute of Cetacean Research, Glenn Inwood, blamed Sea Shepherd's problems on poor seamanship.


[Watson] said it was interesting that New Zealand would help a sick whaler but banned an anti-whaling ship, even when it carried New Zealand citizens. "The authorities said we would be arrested and detained if we attempt to enter a New Zealand port." He said a meeting today between NZ customs and Maritime New Zealand would decide Sea Shepherd's fate.

In Canberra, the Transport Department confirmed it was having discussions about the Robert Hunter.

"They are canvassing options," a department spokesman said. "At this stage it is not an application."

Captain Watson said the case was also being considered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

No more Sea Shepherd for this season, and I'd not be surprised if this is the last we ever see of them in the Antarctic. They've simply taken things too far with their threats of violence.

Meanwhile ...
Greenpeace's Dutch-registered ship, Esperanza, was yesterday picking its way through the Antarctic sea ice, and spokeswoman Sara Holden said they were still confident they would find the whalers within days.
That's it for this week.


Sea Shepherd now claim that they have found the whaling fleet. Who knows what last ditch attempt at madness they will attempt.

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Hi David,

I've read that. It seems SSCS has started its childish behaviour towards the Nisshinmaru, throwing butyric acid on the flensing deck and nailing plates to the drain outlets.

I guess it's time some adult do something to teach young Puff Cream and his classmates on how to behave correctly. Silly Paulo, always doing naughty things to draw attention on him. Will he never grow up? ;)

By the way, I wonder how they will be able to chase the Nisshinmaru if they're short on fuel. The one thing sure now is that they'll have problems entering any ports in the vicinity, even in Australia.
Breaking news :

According to Jiji Press, two Japanese whalers have been lightly injured because of SSCS actions.

Paul Watson's assertions of never having injured anybody are no more valid.

According to TV news, the Japanese Fisheries Agency is consulting the Foreign Ministry on the measures to take towards SSCS actions.
The ICR has updated its website. You can watch videos of SSCS aggression on the Nisshinmaru here : http://www.icrwhale.org/gpandseaJapane.htm
Iswanatori-san & David-san,


The two SS monkeys were drifted for
7 hours and rescued by Japanese Fleets.

Unfortunate that Sea Shepherd found them just when they were about to run out of fuel (rumour has it that someone in New Zealand leaked the co-ordinates). The media will now be awash with Greenpeace's fundraising material for the next 4 weeks.

See you next week.
This article and video from NBC6 South Florida is quite appaling as it shows you how much some media are lacking professionalism and seriousness on the whaling issue.

If you look well at the video, you'll recognize that it's footage from last year...while the news caster is speaking about the SSCS crew who went missing for 8 hours yesterday.

I don't even mention the assumption that "It's technically illegal to do so, but so is whale hunting, even though Japan refuses to recognize the ban". Very much biased report.


SSCS informed GP of the location



Reuters have a funny article titled "FACTBOX-Key facts about whaling in Japan". Well, the way it is written, it reads more like opinions and hearsay than actual facts.

There's been a collision between one of SSCS's ships, the Robert Hunter, and the Japanese sighting ship, the Kaiko-maru.

Watson says that the Farley Mowat was protecting a pod of whales from the Kaiko-maru when the latter struck the hull of the Robert Hunter.

Well, what was the need of protecting whales from a boat which has no harpoon-gun at its bow ? What harm was the Kaiko-maru going to do to the said pod of whales ? Counting them ?
Poor Watson, his dementia is getting worse everyday.


Note that the Guardian wrote :
"The Japanese ships left port in November for a six-month whaling expedition in the Antarctic as part of a scientific whaling programme, conducted within the rules of the International Whaling Commission."

Mentalities seem to be evolving.
Hi isanatori,

Yes, it sounds like there has been a lot of action over the long weekend (I've been away).

The good news is that the Kaiko Maru - a dedicated sighting survey vessel, as you mention - is apparently manouverable once again:

Kaiko Maru no longer in distress

Rescue Coordination Centre NZ (RCCNZ) has spoken further to the Master of a Japanese vessel Kaiko Maru after he reported there had been a collision between his vessel and Robert Hunter, an anti-whaling protest vessel this afternoon.
The Master reported that he was no longer in distress, did not require any assistance and was able to continue under his own power.

Search and Rescue Officer Dave Wilson says all vessels in the area need to make safety their number one priority.

“Whilst we understand the issues involved we ask all parties to exercise restraint and not compromise the safety of human life.”


A big relief to hear that they seem to be OK. At least for now.

The most ridiculous thing is that even Sea Shepherd recognise that the vessel they targetted was a "whale-spotting vessel", not a sighting/sampling vessel.

I'm wondering if the Australia or New Zealand navy isn't considering sending a ship down there to lock these crazies up before any further damage is done...
HI! David-san & Isanatori-san,

>A big relief to hear that they >seem to be OK. At least for now.

Thank you for the good news.
But,I wonder if the info of this
accident is mingled?

ICR says as follows.



Good evening.

I have been reading through the English news media, and it seems that the Sea Shepherd crazies succeeded in entangling rope in the Kaiyo Maru's propeller (not sure). I presume they have been able to disentangle the rope and continue on, but I guess few people know the extent of the damage yet.

I think the distress call was perhaps more likely in response to Sea Shepherd's preventing the vessel from continuing it's normal navigation.

At least, we can trust the RCCNZ that the Kaiyo Maru is operational again.
>The most ridiculous thing is that >even Sea Shepherd recognise that >the vessel they targetted was >a "whale-spotting vessel", not a >sighting/sampling vessel.

Probably they think Kaiko-maru
gives much information to the other whaling ships about the discovery of whale pods or the locations of them.

Foolish enough,they suppose
If Kaiko-maru is damaged,
the research is stopped?


Thank you for your quick

How nice the RCCNZ is!
Nice job!

Now it's time for me to go
to bed.

Me too - hopefully we don't wake up to further news of violence tomorrow...
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