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JARPA II 2006/2007 Update #6 - Watson happy to be a pirate

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson has responded to the Farley Mowat's de-registration by IMMARBE. Unfortunately it appears that the vessel was able to leave Hobart just prior to the de-registration:
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat is now officially a pirate vessel.

We are at sea without a flag, in search of illegal whaling operations in hostile and remote waters at the bottom of the world. The Farley Mowat cleared Australian Customs in Hobart, Tasmania on December 29, 2006 only hours before the nation of Belize struck our flag.

The Belize registry had only been issued ten days before on December 19, 2006. The registry was sought in Belize after Britain pulled the registry in early December the same day it was issued.

In October, the Farley Mowat registered under the Canadian flag since April 2002, had the registry suspended by Canada.
Sea Shepherd also had trouble earlier in 2006 when South African officials detained their vessel.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a little more:
An email sent by a registry official to Captain Watson said port authorities in Hobart, where Farley Mowat was docked, would be asked to ensure the ship did not leave port with Belizean registration. But Captain Watson said he had left hours earlier. "My instincts told me that we had better 'get out of Dodge'."
All of this creates an interesting situation, with the vessel having left port before the authorities could prevent it:
Back in December 2005 Watson said that he had "received a tip from a reliable source in Japan, that Japan has dispatched a warship to the Southern Ocean", speculating that they might seize the Farley Mowat in accordance with UNCLOS provisions. Obviously his tip wasn't reliable at all, and I doubt we'll see any such actions from Japan, but if a US Navy ship happened to be in the region - who knows.

As I suspected in my previous post, Watson has started his whinging about Japanese influence again:
This is all apparently part of a strategy by Japan to use its economic muscle to lean on any nation that allows us to be registered under their flag.
Another possibility that Paul should consider is that no sane registry would want to be seen to aid and abet his organizations actions.

Watson also says that:
"If anyone wishes to stop us from protecting whales they will have to sink us"

and the SMH quoted him as saying:
"I say in absolute seriousness at the risk of sounding dramatic, but my crew and I are prepared to die for these whales if need be."
The Farley Mowat isn't capable of keeping up with the research vessels, even if they are able to find them, so I don't think they'll have the opportunity to prove their madness.

* * *

Meanwhile, the "whale safe beer" campaign is coming in for additional criticism:
Don't get me wrong, I am in no way in favor of needlessly killing whales. Frankly I don't know much about the issue. The WSB people's position is that Japan, the country, with a wink and a nod allows its fisherman to catch whales despite a world wide moratorium on the practice. Therefore any beers brewed in Japan or beer companies that are supported in any way with Japanese money are responsible. What? Could there be a more insane position? Lots of countries allow pretty despicable things to happen but does this mean that all industry from that country should be boycotted? What is Japanese beer supposed to do about the whale killing? I hope beer lovers will see this cheap, baseless sales tactic for what it is and ignore Bluetongue's proposed boycott.

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>Sea Shepherd Conservation Society >ship Farley Mowat is now >officially a pirate vessel.

Crazy Watson became a comedian
gathering donations.
He will show the biggest comedy show of the world in the near future.

The terminal the crews go to will be the door of a jail, or a cold chamber of Navy vessel.

Anyway,the clear thing is
his behavior is illegal.

>According to a credible legal
>source in Melbourne, the Farley >Mowat, as an unregistered pirate >vessel, may be interdicted at >will by any naval vessel of any >government, its crew arrested, >and the ship sunk.

Good! He knows! But he will do.
Then please go to jail.Crazy men.

>my crew and I are prepared to die >for these whales if need be.


Well, I see Ian Campbel panic ...alike a little wild duck going and coming between anti-whaling people and other countries.

This is another comedy.





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