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JARPA II 2006/2007 Update #10 - ... and Watson responds

Following on from Ian Campbell's attack on Sea Shepherd previously, Paul Watson didn't let us down by responding quickly.

Here's a couple of highlights:
We have a gift from the Dalai Lama on our bridge. It is an icon named “Hayagriva” and it stands for the compassionate aspect of Buddha’s wrath. The Dalai Lama explained the meaning to me himself when he said, “You never want to hurt anyone, but sometimes when they cannot see enlightenment, you scare the hell out of them until they do.”
Hmmm, so now the Dalai Lama supports terrorism? To be honest, I'm not so familiar with the Dalai Lama, but everyone except the Chinese Government seems to like him...
Your blessing of Greenpeace activities is interesting. So, Greenpeace is now officially government approved. I’m not surprised – governmental approval is not hard to come by if one does little but posture and talk. While we are down here in Antarctic waters looking for whaling ships, the Greenpeace ship is at berth in New Zealand looking for memberships.
Watson's criticism of Greenpeace for being docked in New Zealand is the same as mine, but who cares about them anyway.

He finishes with style:

And if our passion and our compassion sets your “movement” backwards and into “disrepute,” then I’m sure the whales won’t care, Sir.

They will be dead.


If Campbell has any political smarts he'll "no comment" any media approaches regarding this.

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From the Wikipedia entry on the Dalai Lama:

The Dalai Lama is sometimes criticized for modifying his message to be as palatable as possible to his audience, sometimes changing viewpoints according to the situation. He is also sometimes reproached for taking one side of an issue at one time and changing it later on, usually in response to criticism. This tendency has led opposing sides of an issue to believe that the Dalai Lama supports their cause, e.g. homosexuality, abortion, the Iraq war, Kashmiri independence, nuclear weapons, etc. "

From Tubby's book Earthforce:
"If you can't achieve your aims through facts, then baffle your opposition with bullshit. Deceive with dazzling dramatics, fabricate fantasies fired forth with flair and shower your targets with flamboyance and firery rhetoric."

“If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then ... make it up on the spot.”

Need more be said?
Thanks! That helps to clear that one up ;)

Please see.

日本で大勢の人は持続的捕鯨に反対しているというグリーンピースの主張はグリーンピース自身のデータに照らしても明らかに誤りであり、情報操作の最悪の事例である。南極海におけるグリーンピースの反捕鯨キャンペーンは自らの収入増を図るために計算された戦略的なマーケティング キャンペーンである。


>>We have a gift from the Dalai Lama on our bridge. It is an icon named“Hayagriva” and it stands for the compassionate aspect of Buddha’s wrath.<<

Dalai Lama seems to persuade him not to become terrorists in accordance with the Budda's teaching,but Watson used the icon to get publicity for him.

Dirty & crazy guy!

It would have been a comedy if Dalai Lama gave a hand to Watson with dangerous weapons.

>>The risk down here is not against the lives of the whalers but our lives. The Japanese
have threatened us.<<

Japanese government should show our clear attitude and give the
direct punch to the crazy terrorists.

it will be a tough request that the anti-whaling countries help Japanese whalers if we consider their public opinions. We know AU and NZ are not our good partners on this matter.

So,what Japanese government should do immediately is to ask AU or NZ to let us use their bases so that Japanese fleets or air planes could arrest the crazy guys.

>>Must we die down here, Senator Campbell?<<

Ask me.
The answer is Yes.

Hi Y/H-san,

I saw the ICR press release as well (actually there is an English version of it here).

Greenpeace Japan has also issued their own PR statement (in Japanese) in response (they are taking issue with the Yahoo! poll, which wasn't scientific).

I agree with Greenpeace Japan to the extent that the ICR should not have used the Yahoo! poll as evidence of generall public whaling support in Japan, as they have other poll information which they also presented in their press release. Instead, it might have been more prudent to introduce the official public opinion poll results from a couple of years ago, and add on that "a recent unscientific internet poll by Yahoo! Japan showed that ...", as supporting information.

However, Greenpeace Japan is thoroughly rotten themselves. In their press release they miserably fail to acknowledge their misinterpretations of their own poll results (They claimed "70% of Japanese people don't support whaling").
Self-righteously, all they say is (my translation):
"Greenpeace Japan has made public all of the results, methods and questions of the survey commissioned to Nihon Research Center".

That's true of course, but it's only once you take the time to read the information for oneself that one sees how Greenpeace Japan has misled you!

Greenpeace Japan are very very selective in their criticisms. It's no wonder that they aren't popular in Japan.
Ever notice how these opinion polls cited by the anti-sustainable use industry groups are ALWAYS in the 70-75 percentile in favour of their position?

They must figure there's some psychological value in the figure I guess.
Hi! David-san,

The ICR released the result of the poll given by Yahoo and instantly some anti-whaling NGO's idiots gave some comments under the banner of the poll begun to mislead the people unfamiliar with the whaling issue.

While I entirely agree with the ICR comments,the people who have some frustrations to the government intend to think the NGOs comments correct.

This is another danger to the pro-whaling bloc.

Although the ICR says the poll by GP Japan generally mislead people,
I think the ICR should make some points clear as to which parts are mislead and wrong in details.

I looked into the poll of Green Peace Japan attentively to find there is some strange gap between the data result and their propaganda.

The following is my comment as to one of the questions of the poll.

>>Q17 What do you think Japan should do concerning its whaling practices?<<

22.5% high sea and Japan waters
44.2% Japan waters only
24.8% Stop whaling both
8.4% others

Total YES 66.7% NO24.8% others8.4%

This shows 67% is affirmative in whaling and they think whaling should be continued whatever may change in the whaling area.

In order to stop whaling, GPJ took the poll but the result is obviously the reverse.
In spite of the result, GPJ speaks out the ban of whaling - this is nonsense.For what purpose did GPJ take poll? The sustainable use of whale meat is recognized by a large number of Japanese .

Thank GPJ for the "omanuke" poll!

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