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Greenpeace propaganda contradictions and factual errors

Just watching Greenpeace's "Ocean Defenders TV" (see "Return to the Southern Ocean"), I couldn't help but scratch my head and wonder. Here are some of the things they are saying:

Karli Thomas:
"The 1000 whales that will be killed this year in the Southern Ocean are just the tip of the iceberg. What we're concerned about is that this may lead to a return to commercial whaling"
Karli Thomas:

"What the Fisheries Agency of Japan is doing is not scientific, it's merely commercial whaling in disguise"
Sorry Karli, what? Are you saying the FAJ is already whaling commercially, or are you saying what they are doing may eventually be followed up by a return to commercial whaling? Why say one thing and then turn around the next minute and say something contradictory?

Besides, we already have commercial whaling - in Norway (for yonks) and Iceland (since last year). Is it really such a surprise that the world has not exploded yet? Even in Japan whaling occurs with respect to species that Japan believes are outside the IWC's jurisdiction.

As it happens, I agree with Karli (with her first story, that is). When Japan does resume commercial whaling with respect to species under the IWC's jurisdiction, it is indeed likely to result in significantly higher numbers of whales being killed than at the present time under scientific permit (as you would expect where a research programme is concerned).

I struggle to understand how Karli can recognise this much, but then still believe that the current research programmes, which are still small in scope compared to commercial whaling immediately prior to the moratorium, are "commercial whaling in disguise".

As an aside, Karli seems to already have accepted the fact that the ICR will kill "1000 whales" in the Antarctic this season. Given that they already concede that the ICR will take their quota, I again find myself wondering whether they will persist with their video-friendly tactic of trying to put inflatables between the harpoon gunner and the whales (with potentially negative implications for the welfare of the whales selected for sampling).

"[Research whaling] is now entirely dependent on Japanese government funding"

This is incorrect, the publicly owned ICR organization is heavily dependent on proceeds from the sale of the whale meat by-products.

"Back in Japan, hardly any one seems interested in the Southern Ocean whale meat. By the end of 2006, nearly 5,000 tonnes piled up in cold storage."

This is incorrect, the stockpile level fell to 4,403 tonnes at the end of November 2006, and the figures for the end of 2006 have not even been released yet.

I could say more, but I've addressed other aspects of their pathetic misinformation before.


The Japanese catch, which is done for scientific reasons, has been approved by the IWC. There is not a single piece of legislature from any nation on earth that says Japan cannot carry on its cultural traditions.

The truth is, the anti-whaling groups are just engaging in the same old racist Japan-bashing that they did 60 years ago - at that time they called the Japanese "Buck toothed Yellow people" - and now they attack Japan's cultural traditions.

It is an agenda meant to harm Japan, born from the Tokyo Tribunals and the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, which seek any way to victimize the Japanese.

Australia's minister has effectively declared war on Japan, not unlike the US, who denied Japan her resources 65 years ago, forcing Japan into a war she did not want; Japan only wanted peace, but the blockade then is starting to resemble the blockade now. It seems that acts of Australian aggression are only meant to put Japan into a corner. The sad part is that it's all done to appease the Chinese Communist Party, from whence the west receives its cheap labor. Again, Japan will be forced to fight for its survival, as the west attempts to starve it of its natural resources.
The research isn't really "approved" by the IWC, any nation has the right to conduct research, just as they would if they had never adhered to the ICRW in the first place.

I think some anti-whaling groups originally took advantage of the fact that one of their villians was Japan, but these days I think many of them carry on the anti-whaling campaigns because
1) They can't stop. Being anti-whaling has become a symbol (for better or worse) of the environmental movement.
2) They need the cash and media attention.

I don't really grok the second half of your comments!



>Again, Japan will be forced to >fight for its survival, as the >west attempts to starve it of its >natural resources.

Yes! It is the time for Japan to
speak out in loud voice to survive.
If you are a Japanese and join
David-san's discussion,I will be
glad because there is few of Japanese talkiing about whaling issue.

But I suppose David-san's main interest is to let many people know the facts of whaling and
to disrupt the misinformation
given by anti-whaling NGOs.

Thank you.

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