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JARPA II 2006/2007 Update #4

Japanese representative Hideki Moronuki has hit the nail on the head with the following statement being reported in the aussie media, with regards to SSCS's openly conceded tactics of vessel ramming:
"The activity is very, very dangerous and whenever you look at the website of Sea Shepherd, they say they haven't killed or injured anybody, but their activities may kill or injure people".
That's completely right.

If Watson thinks his tactics won't harm human life, why does he think the whalers should be worried about his tactics?

Last year he liked to claim that the whalers were "running away" whenever his ship appeared. Wishful thinking? A more accurate assessment would seem to be that the SS flagship was simply to slow to keep up, which is why SSCS have purchased a new vessel for this year.

Another article gives another angle on Watson's tactics:

THE hardline anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd plans to disrupt Japan's summer whaling program in Antarctica by inflicting just enough damage on the whaling vessel to force it to comply with strict Japanese safety regulations and return to port for repairs.

Sea Shepherd's president, Paul Watson, told the Herald yesterday that he had no intention of endangering life. Sea Shepherd activists have sunk 10 whaling vessels in the North Atlantic since 1979. Last summer it tried to foul the propellers of the whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru, the vessel it will soon be chasing.

Of course, SS already tried such things last season, without success (thankfully). What's more, such actions clearly seem to run afoul of relevant international agreements (as the ICR pointed out last year). For example, Article 101 of UNCLOS reads:

Piracy consists of any of the following acts:

(a) any illegal acts of violence or detention, or any act of depredation, committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or a private aircraft, and directed:

(i) on the high seas, against another ship or aircraft, or against persons or property on board such ship or aircraft;

(ii) against a ship, aircraft, persons or property in a place outside the jurisdiction of any State;

(b) any act of voluntary participation in the operation of a ship or of an aircraft with knowledge of facts making it a pirate ship or aircraft;

(c) any act of inciting or of intentionally facilitating an act described in subparagraph (a) or (b).

Of course I'm sure Watson has some big fancy porkie to excuse himself from this, but I wonder how much longer the officials will be patient.

Watson has also been having other problems:
... the Farley Mowat's departure was delayed over its registration.

Attempts to shift the registration from Canada to Britain had to be abandoned when British authorities refused to allow the ship onto their books.

Captain Watson alleged that the British were told by Greenpeace that his organisation was an eco-terrorist group. He eventually obtained a registration from Belize.

Belize? Depending on how far SS go with their obstruction this year, the Belize IWC representative might be in for an uncomfortable IWC meeting next year. It seems likely that further resolution be passed related to the safety of whale research vessels.

Anyway... As for Greenpeace:
Greenpeace confirmed it was sending one vessel south: the Esperanza, a fast ship that stayed with the fleet for 29 days in 2005-6. Its campaigners, equipped with fast inflatables, cameras and satellite access, opened an unprecedented window into the whalers' activities.

Esperanza left Mexico on December 11 for Auckland, and is unlikely to reach the whaling fleet until late January. Last year whaling ended on March 20.

So only one ship from GP this season (no Arctic Sunrise), and they won't show up until such a point in time that the research fleet will already be a long way towards it's quota. But then, as Watson has charged, Greenpeace appear to be more interested in this for the fundraising opportunity presented than any genuine concern for the environment.

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Watson used to be a hero of mine when I was a dumb teenager who thought his life was a seperate entity from nature.
Now I know better, It's sad to see him plodding on, ignoring critically endangered species taken by fishing fleets all over the world in favour of harping on about non-threatened species of whales and seals.
Thirty years on, the IWC could crumble under the weight of its own inconsistency, seal pelts are selling for higher prices than ever and Watson is still stuck flogging the same dead horse for a few bucks and column inches.
All heroes fade but Watson's bacome a sad spectacle; a pointless and faded vaudevillian.

Dave, where'd the pic' of the bent boat come from?

Indeed, most of these high profile "environmentalists" do have their priorities wrong...

I don't remember now exactly where I got the picture of the Arctic Sunrise from, but it was probably in an Australian newspaper article that I saw earlier in the year, and snaffled it. I suppose I should have grabbed the copyright details for it at the time as well...
Hi! David-san,

The following is the comments from my image as to a series of the condemning war between the insane groups.

>>> Senator Campbell has reportedly offered Australia's Antarctic bases to the Sea Shepherd crew in the event
of an emergency as the group's ships Farley Mowat <<<


I suppose this might mean something hidden in Campbell's words.When SSCS violently starts to disrupt the research of Japan.
Australian government might not ignore the resolution of IWC.
If needed, the fleets of AU Police might be sent to the sea,in order to stop the behavior of SSCS.

To make much of the Australian people's opinions, Ian Campbel seemingly will say "To assure safety voyage and human life,we decide to send AU vessels to the area to stop his reckless behavior."

The truth will be that he and Japanese government will cooperate
to stop the crazy behavior.

If Ian is a statesman,he will do so.(If I were in his situation,
I would have done so.)

As the research of whales,the sustainable use of marine resource, is important to Japan. Japan might do some special operation against the violent interfere of SSCS.

Though I am not sure what it will be, it is probable for Japan to do something direct to the crazy,because the resolution of IWC is understood in the world
and the crazy are noted for the international terrorists.
They should know there is nobody supporting SSCS except the insane believers of it.

Sending the fleets or aircraft of Japan Police or JSDF ?

we have to remember the research is done under the authorization of our government. This year, there is no private company like Nisuui and kyodo senpaku directly linked with the research. ( Last year I know the Japanese government requested AU to stop theinterfere, but AU refused because the accident is the issue of private company.)

Mr.Jyouji Morishita said at IWC this year,"We do not say concretely
at this meeting here,but we will do something to cope with the violence. "

Suppose Ian had some info given by Japanese government in advance?

With a little secret,he might suggest the crazy should withdraw from the area immediately.

>>> Crazy vs Crazy<<<

The crazy captain of SSCS condemned GP because GP has no intention of cooperating with SSCS. He specially criticises that the other crazy of GP has enough money to stop Japanese whaling but they are not directly spent for the campaign.

In fact,the GP vessels will not appear untill January the 8 -10 th.
GP says it gives hands to the crazy captain when emergency,but
he is refusing the GP's proposal.

As I see,GP will want to avoid SSCS ,for they are disliked to be mixed with the insane SSCS.Otherwise,the advertisement of their campain will not work.

All they want is to monopolize the insane performance .

GP will want to be the anti- whaling hero and they do hope the seat will not be stripped by the new SSCS.

The hero has to gather more donation.So naturally, to GP ,SSCS is not the nice partner but the only obstacle.

I believe GP is also the obstacle of the world,and it is lamentable for them not to realize it,though.

Sorry for long comments.


Minister urges whalers and protesters to obey the law

Australia's Environment Minister says he supports the anti-whaling group, the Sea Shepherd Society, so long as it obeys the law.

The group is to try to disrupt Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean using a variety of methods, including sideswiping ships.

The Japanese fisheries agency and the Sea Shepherd Society have accused each other of behaving illegally and dangerously last summer.

The society's ship, Farley Mowat, is in Hobart this week, where the crew are preparing to head south for the summer.

The Environment Minister, Ian Campbell, says both sides need to exercise restraint.

"I would say to the Japanese, do not use those water cannons," he said.

"That is a very dangerous activity. They should have respect. They can't go round claiming vigorous and aggressive tactics from Greenpeace, or Farley Mowat or Sea Shepherd and then spray people with water cannon at the same time. They would have no credibility if they continued to do that."

He says Japan is exploiting a loophole in whaling regulations that permits scientific whaling.

He says he supports the Sea Shepherd activists, so long as they do not break the law.

"I think it's incredibly important for the worldwide whale conservation movement that the Greenpeace and the Farley Mowat both respect the law and don't give the Japanese some free ammunition, some free publicity.

"Equally, the Japanese skipper needs to show restraint as well."

Not at all! Long comments are welcome :-) I always like to read your perspective, as you pick up more things from the Japanese language media than I do.

Hope you enjoy the article above that I posted from Campbell. He seems confused.
"I'm supporting the terrorists, so long as they don't employ terrorist actions", and yet SSCS are openly saying themselves that they intend to use terrorist actions, such as to attempt to disable whaling vessels. So what's it gonna be then, Ian? Time to condemn SSCS already, isn't it?

Then on the other hand he's turning around and complaining about water cannons, which is to prevent the activists from getting close enough to commit such acts as deliberately fouling their whaling ships propulsion? Give us a break, Ian!

Anyway, talk to you in 2007 :-)
Thank you for the response & the info,David-san.

"I would say to the Japanese, do not use those water cannons," he said.

I do not like to think Ian insane,
but he is ignoring the important point: GP & SSCS like to be involved into risks.

In short, they will get into troubles because they want it.

If they do not approach to the Japanese vessels and they do not disrupt,nothing will happen.

Ian should be smarter.


You and I have the same "common sense", I see.

It's amazing Ian managed to become a Minister in Australia despite the obvious lack of intellect... Who knows, he may yet redeem himself this summer... not holiding my breath though :-)
Personally I am sad to know the
article given by Ian.

About 10years ago,in Osaka,I had a chance to visit Australia consular pary in which they showed the wines or their products for business.

The consul was a smart gentleman. He knew a lot of culture of Japan.
He told he learnt Kendo & Iai
(Japanese sword skill).
For some time, I talked with him about Kendo and indeed he was a nice Australian.

So when I looked back on the time,as a Japansese citizen,I really feel I am not hostile to the country of the business friend.

However,it is absolutely diffcult for me to respect the country supporting the terrorists like SSCS & GP.

Indeed sad.

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