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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



Tokyo Saturday

An old friend of mine found himself in Tokyo today so I took him for a buzz around the sites of the city.

Crappy weather unfortunately, but after meeting in Shibuya, dropping his luggage off at my place, we headed off to Shinjuku, followed by Akihabara, followed by the Imperial Palace, followed by Marunouchi, followed by Ginza.

We had a good time and I talked more nonsense than I have in years. Funny what happens when you find yourself back in the company of your old university mates.

It was one couple's happy day here on the 35th floor of the Maru building. The priest in typical Japanese wedding's is apparently usually a foreigner who speaks Japanese (to make it seem more authentic, apparently, although I understand that some of these guys pretend to be a priest just as another source of income, besides their English day jobs).

I dunno about the white suit on the groom though.


One of the famous sites of Ginza is this big clock on the corner opposite the Mitsukoshi department store.

Still only just after 5:00 pm at this point, but these days it gets dark early.

Just before heading back home we passed by a sushi shop which was advertising... guess what? on the menu...

You guessed it! Whale meat on sale again:

Listed amongst the shop manager's recommended products, whale meat sushi (3 from the bottom right) was going for just 210 yen each here, very cheap indeed. "First in first served". Norwegian Salmon is there beside it, also going at the same price. I had plans to eat a little closer to home on this day, but I might stop by here after work one night and give this place a try - being a sushi fan, after all.


I for my part had lovely minke with vegetables and lingonberries today. Absolutely delicious!
I have looked through a few of your posts, but am just curious, are you an environmentalist? Is your work with the fisheries in Japan?

I ended up taking my buddy to a whale meat restaurant on Sunday - I tried fried whale meat for the first time - it was excellent. I seem to have developed quite a taste for it.
Although, it was of course my responsibility as a good host to take him to such a place.


Thanks for taking the time to read some of my blog. I trust that you found it informative.

Yes, I would consider myself an "environmentalist", in the "conservationist" sense. I believe that humans must ensure that use of natural resources is on a strictly sustainable and conservative basis. I also believe that sustainable use of resources has a positive role to play in achieving conservation goals. This is what you'll find with such groups as the World Conservation Union (IUCN), who's policy statement on sustainable use can be found here.

And no, my work is not with fisheries in Japan, although if I had to go through university once again I would be interested in pursuing fisheries or a similar field.

Are you an environmentalist?
Is your work in fisheries in Japan?

Looking forward to hearing from you again.
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