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JARPA II fleet departs, protest behaviour under scrutiny

The Boston Globe online has a nice picture of the JARPA II fleet departure today:

The issue seems to have been covered most heavily in Australia, with an ICR spokesman getting a good amount of press, particularly on the issue of planned obstruction activities:

The institute, which controls the whaling fleet of a mother ship and several catchers, says the protesters are planning illegal activities.

"These groups are breaking the law by interfering with our research and putting the lives of our crew and scientists at risk," the spokesman said.

"Japan's research is perfectly legal conducted under the Whaling Convention.

"The IWC passed a resolution at this year's annual meeting in St Kitts and Nevis condemning Greenpeace's interference with our program and the commission may take action against them if we see a repeat of last year's harassment."

Australia has been at the forefront of efforts to close off loopholes in IWC rules that allow Japan to take whales for scientific research.

"Australia and New Zealand need to get their heads around the fact there is mounting scientific evidence that most whale stocks around the globe can support a limited commercial hunt for food," the ICR spokesman said.

"The world community has woken up to that fact and we are witnessing the last remaining years of an unjust moratorium."

Elsewhere, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that apparently
"the Japanese Government has warned that any protesters who board the fleet will be arrested."
The issue of protester conduct was addressed at IWC 58, resulting in Resolution 2006-2 "Resolution on the safety of vessels engaged in whaling and whale research-related activities", being adopted by consensus.

The resolution notes that the IWC "and Contracting Governments support the right to legitimate and peaceful forms of protest and demonstration", but concludes by agreeing and declaring that "the Commission and its Contracting Governments do not condone any actions that are a risk to human life and property in relation to these activities of vessels at sea, and urges persons and entities to refrain from such acts"

In the past, Sea Shepherd has been "ardently condemned" by the IWC and all its members, for it's "acts of terrorism", and they seem intent on more such reprehensible behaviour (regarded as counterproductive to their cause) this year.

On the other hand, whether the Greenpeace organization wishes to redeem itself after events back in January this year remain to be seen.

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>>"the Japanese Government has warned that any protesters who board the fleet will be arrested."


The following is the previous
news of the stupid people arrested by police.


(1)12月7日 未明にグリーンピースの活動家がヌーメアにて停船中の日新丸及び第1京丸に潜入し、砲台に体を縛り付けたり、スクリューに鎖を巻き付ける等のテロ活動を行った。船主(共同船舶株式会社)は、現地警察にグリーンピース活動家の強制排除を要請し、現地裁判所への訴訟手続開始。

(212月8日 午前9時頃、グリーンピース活動家が下船。午前9時50分(現地時間)、日新丸及び第一京丸ともに日本に向けてヌーメアを出港。




I cant wait until the SSCS gets a chance to shove your bullshit up the whaling fleets ass!!!

The only people who need to be arrested are the criminals who operate this fleet of whaling vessels.

"The only people who need to be arrested are the criminals who operate this fleet of whaling vessels."

totally AGREE!!!
The whaling fleet is operating in accordance with International Law.
Two persons above,

I am not the blog master here.
It is David-san,I know,but
I believe there is no place here
for anyone to support the terrorists like SSCS who blow up some vessels with explosive devices.

If you are the persons of common sense,you should not support the crazy guys.

And do remember we, the Japanese are not criminals.We do the whaling authorized by IWC.
If we were the criminals,we would have to withdraw from IWC immediately.

About the half countries of IWC are supporting our research.You should also note this ,for only such anti-whaling countries as England,NZ and AU are not the symbol of the world.
I do not hope you are so stupid to see the world map again.

On the other hand, SSCS is strongly condemned by even Australia of anti-whaling country
because of its extreme violence.
Many people agree it is the real consensus of the world.

Probably you are the foreigners among anti-whaling bloc,that is all right.Pls have your own way.

( If you are one of Japanese anti whailng members who likes to post the shameless comments above,I will not overlook.)

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