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Iceland rejects 25 nation diplomatic protest

As readers will have seen elsewhere, 25 out of the IWC's 71 nations (from Europe, South America, and the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK) joined a diplomatic protest against Iceland's resumption of commercial whaling.

In their protest, the 25 nations said that they
"believe that commercial whaling quotas determined and prosecuted in the absence of any agreed management system undermines the proper functioning of the IWC."
This of course is ridiculous coming from these 25 nations, who are the reason that a management system for whaling has not been agreed. Many of these nations openly admit that they won't agree to any system that permits any commercial whaling.

Iceland's representatives have responded, telling Forbes magazine:
"They should take a leaf out of our book on sustaibability, since we are very diligent in our fisheries. Most of the 25 countries on that list, which are in the EU, have a rather wretched record of sustainability in fisheries."
Of course, some of the 25 nations do not even have a coastline to start with and wouldn't know the first thing about sustainable marine resource utilization.

The High North Alliance (HNA) also reports that the Fin whale hunt has been called off for the rest of the year due to weather conditions, with most of the quota already taken, amounting to
"about 100 tonnes of excellent eco-friendly whale meat and blubber ready for the market"
In the same release, the HNA also illustrates the farcical situation with Americans killing more than 60 Bowhead whales annually (abundance estimated to be around 10,000) yet not being criticised as has been Iceland for killing just 9 Fin whales in the year to August 2007 (abundance estimated to be around 26,000).

The USA will be wondering how it can both secure a continued Bowhead quota for it's people at next year's IWC meeting, while at the same criticising Iceland for undertaking lower impact whaling activity.

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Hey, can I post a link to some of your blogs on my group whales & whaling? All my posts lean towards a particular side, & I'd like to have someone whose views differ from many of my members. Oh, & what's your email address so I can communicate with you privately? I'd also like to talk with you about that forum you posted on some time ago about Icelandic whaling with SirPink, Daveuk, etc.

Feel free to post links to anything on my page that you please :-) I'm all for having this sort of information more widely disseminated amongst the english reading western public so that hopefully more informed dialogue can take place on these matters going forward. Still a long way to go before we get there though, I imagine.
Oh, ok. Sorry I went to my group for a while so my I didn't see your posts there. Thanks for the link!
Here is the link to the report in the Icelandic television. Of course it's mostly in Icelandic but it's interesting to see the response of the embassador of UK to the questions (and that is in English! :))

Incredible though it may sound, there are also other activities besides whale hunting on which int'l moratoria are conceivable:

"Oslo- Norway has banned its defence forces from deploying cluster munitions, the government said Friday, citing the risk for innocent civilians that inadvertently trigger duds. "The government wants to show that we take the work to reach an international ban on cluster munitions seriously," Defence Minister Anne-Grete Strom-Erichsen said.

Oslo would try to get other countries to adopt a similar ban, she said."


Will these 25 sanctionious gov'ts rush to join in, and then promptly start issuing diplomatic protests against countries declining to do so? I'm somehow not holding my breath.
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