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Whaling - Anti-whalers support violence?


1) Say that you might not agree with whaling - but would you support acts of violence against whalers?

2) If you would, how far would you be prepared to take it? Where do you draw the line?

3) If you support people physically attacking whaling vessels, would you also support people attacking anti-whaling vessels?

4) If not, do you have any principles at all?

These are questions that I wish I could pose to the Australian people funding Sea Shepherd, one of whom is quoted in this article:

"I think they're (Sea Shepherd) the most extreme whale-watching group in the world and we've chosen to fund them because we need some action taken on the whales".

"We really need someone to take extreme action to ensure that the whales are protected and kept safe."

"We're really happy to do that and we totally support it."

Australia's government apparently supports the "war on terror". Yet extremist groups that are known for their violent actions are able to receive such levels of support on the Gold Coast?

Some people need to get some perspective.

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Whale-watching itself is also attractive to me,so there is no reason to reject it.I know a large number people in the world like to enjoy it. Many anti-whaling NGO seem to like to use the whale watching as a tactics.

However,when we are talked about whale-watching,there is one thing I can not overlook ;theword "Slaughter".

I have the very mixed feeling to hear they say we are the slaughterers of whales and they try to release much disgusting image to all the world.Sadly the movement sometimes becomes bigger so that we are involved in
the issue of racial discrimination.

Basically I think the whaling is the "right" for all people in the world to share with one another.If the right were monopolized by only Japan, it would have been very unfair.But,in real,there are many pro-whaling nations catching whales and using whale meat.

It seems to me anti-whaling contries are rejecting the right for their own choice.They decide. they reject -this is OK.

On the other hand,the incorrect deed of anti-whaling countries is for them to interfere pro-whaling ones.There is no reason for them to deprive our right of whaling. If they say the whaling is barbarious,thier deeds to the Japanese are as same as Apartheid.

If they tenaciously continue to interfere,I will also strongly resist as a Japanese citizen.

>I think they're (Sea Shepherd) the most extreme whale-watching group in the world and we've chosen to fund them because we need some action taken on the
whales," said Ms Currey, whose group hopes to raise $2 million towards the cost of the ship, the Leviathan.<

It is unbelievable that such a person above really exists !
As I often say, SSCS is the group of terrorists whose crazy leader was sometimes arrested by police and in jail for many days.

>The Federal Government is vigorously opposed to Japanese whaling but has distanced itself from Sea Shepherd's risky tactics, which include ramming other ships and scuppering rogue vessels.<

If they really think SSCS crazy,all they have to do is to stop their crazy deed immediately before they leave port for South Pole.

Y/H (Japan)
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