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IWC 2006: Terry Glavin article on the IWC

Terry Glavin has written what I consider to be a very good article in the Globe and mail.

It's worth reading the whole thing, but some parts that I found particularly interesting were as follows:
Now the IWC is in danger of becoming worse than irrelevant. Even the venerable International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which tracks the world's endangered animals, has called on it to shape up. Otherwise, it said, the world's whaling nations may "leave the IWC behind" and strike out on their own.

The day after the IWC adopted the "normalization" resolution on St. Kitts, the IUCN issued another warning: "More than ever there is a need to seek a form of consensus that will allow IWC to continue its work. Proponents and opponents all claim to support the conservation of whales but to date have failed to find common ground."

But there is often little common ground between the Save the Whales generation and younger conservationists more committed to the sustainable use of renewable resources -- the IWC's dysfunction is already infecting a whole range of international efforts to protect truly endangered species.

"We have to base resource management on science and knowledge, not on myths that some specifically designated animals are different and should not be hunted, regardless of the ecological justification for doing so," says Gro Harlem Brundtland, the ex-Norwegian prime minister who led the historic UN Commission on the Environment and Development. "There is no alternative to the principle of sustainable development. This is necessary and logical."

The Highnorth Alliance hompage also has some more Brundtland quotes here. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is said to see Brundtland as a role model. We can but imagine what she might think of Brundtland's comments regarding whaling.

Korinai yatura deshita.


Y/H (Japan)
Yes indeed.

Apparently Greenpeace's "infringement was also a threat to the marine environment."

-> “jeopardizing the barrier reef which protects the Eastern Atlantic Coastline of St Kitts and Nevis and other fragile near-shore marine eco-systems.”


There doesn't seem much at which these people will stop at to get their names in the headlines, even if it is counter to their purported cause.
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