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IWC 2006: A voice from St Kitts & Nevis (2)

St Kitts & Nevis' SUN news site has another letter from a citizen regarding their nations' stance on the whaling issue.

It's indicates that there exists a fear amongst their population about the repercussions for their country, based on the position it takes at the IWC.

We control our destiny

Monday June 12 2006

Dear Editor:

There seems to be a lot of talk around the world about the regionÂ’s stance, as far as the whaling issue is concerned.

I am worried that with St. Kitts/Nevis taking a pro-whaling position there will be some repercussions as far as our developing tourism industry is concerned.

Already, people are speaking of boycotting our industry and it is something we heard before when a dolphin park was proposed in this country.

Whatever the decision made by our leaders, I am sure it will be with everything having been taken into consideration and with the best interest of the country and its people.

I guess a time has come when the people of the region have to make the decisions to be in control of their destiny as so much has already been withdrawn from them, by the countries that used to offer general assistance.

Jasmine Destin,

St. Kitts/Nevis.

That the people of St. Kitts/Nevis fear the threat of boycott for their position on the sustainable use of marine resources is evidence enough that the IWC needs to implement a secret balloting system for it's proceedings later this week.

The whaling issue is so highly politicised in certain western nations that clearly some small nations feel unable to vote for what they truly believe in without considering external political pressure.

This is wrong.

Each nation should decide on it's position on the matter based on the debate surrounding the issue, and that alone. Threats of boycotts must not be allowed to have an influence on small nations. There is no point in having an international forum if rich nations can dictate to poor nations how they must vote.

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