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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



IWC 2006: St Kitts and Nevis Pam Democrat on sustainable use

The People's Action Movement (PAM) Party of St Kitts and Nevis site doubles with the Democrat news site and often features articles on whaling and sustainable use of natural resources. The Pam party is currently in opposition, I believe, but they have not taken the chance to try to score political points with regards to the incumbent parties policy at the IWC. On the contrary, they firmly support it.

Wailing About Whaling Not Necessary - "Killer Whales and Killer Sharks are both destructive"

Unlike the baleen whales, orcas (Orcinus orca) are "toothed" whales, with true teeth rather than fibrous plates for filter-feeding. They catch single prey, ranging from fish, squid, penguins, seals, dolphins, porpoises, and even whales, including the largest whale of all, the blue whale. (Australian Antarctic Division 2002 Kingston Tasmania 7050)

We are being led to believe that all whales are about to become extinct; that they are gentle intelligent creatures that do not threaten our existence at all; that they do not eat fish only plankton; that the Japanese are like the ''big bad wolf'' about to bludgeon them into extinction; that our votes are being bought because we accept funding for our fishing industry from Japan; and even that we are inherently evil if we wish to kill God''s intelligent creatures.


Scientific studies indicate that stocks of most species of whales are high and the sustainable use of our resources does not threaten their existence; some species of whales do eat fish and they will deplete fishing stocks - even tuna and small whales have been found in the stomachs of whales on examination of stomach contents; not all whales are gentle!! There are thousands of killer whales and like killer sharks can become a physical threat (see article on killer whales inside) to our fishermen and their boats. As tiny independent countries, whose existence has been threatened by rulings of the EU and WTO, we must be able to accept funding with a clear conscience. We do not accept that Japan is buying our votes by giving us a fishing port any more than we accept that Taiwan is buying our vote by giving us a stadium at Warner Park. We must co-exist for mutual benefits.

Finally all God's creatures are intelligent. Many have been adamant about the intelligence of pigs and they are kept as pets in many Western homes, yet there is no lobby to ban bacon, ham or pork. Culture influences the actions of the Japanese as they influence ours. Let us not be caught in the crossfire of traditionally warring countries. We will be guided by scientific data and the sustainable use of our resources.

Some other articles from the Democrat:
'KILLER WHALES' "We need to know about these whales too Why aren't we told about them?"

CARIBBEAN NATIONS RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR INTEREST - "Waters Around The Islands An Important Source Of Food"




WEEPING AND WHALING - "Why shouldn't these beasts of the ocean be hunted for blubber and food?"

And here's even more articles:



Women in Action: When did Saving the Whales Become more important than Liberating African children from Hunger?

Dear David,
I follow your blog and Y/H's and Isonatori's comments with interest , but I must point out like you point out to me, please don't believe everything that authorities or NGO's state;)

Killer whales have never attacked any person ever on this planet. Yes some killer whales eat whales, seals and penguins but orcas in Norway eat only herrings and the Norwegians have swim with the orcas programmes

I don't believe the article stated that killer whales have attacked any person, but any, that is really besides the point.

The issue is the sustainable use of marine resources - not the use of marine resources to protect humans from them.
"but any" -> "but anyway"
Ann, I've just added a list of other articles from the Democrat to the original post. The one on killer whales is included. In the article it notes that: "They are called this not because they harm humans but because they kill other whales". (SeaWorld Education Resource)"

Good evening.
How is your weather of Sweden?

>Killer whales have never attacked >any person ever on this planet.

Well,you would like to talk about
Killer whales?

Killer whales are kept in
World Adventure in Shirahama City
of Wakayama prefecture .

They are very clever.
Cleverer than GP members.

Thank you.

Good evening Y/H,
Weather is realy nice hear, you know we have this midnight sun, the sun is shining all night long almost!

I understand that you don't like soccer, neither do I;)

OK, Wakayama prefecture, this is a real whale hunting region??? Where from are the orcas or killer whales?
Sorry , I have lost my concentration and have many spelling errors;)


Good evening!

>the sun is shining all night long >almost!

Yes! I know that is very
fantastic.Sweden is fascinating indeed.isn't it?

>I understand that you don't like >soccer, neither do I;)

This time, at IWC,it is very important for us to see how the
meeting is going on.
Unfortunately,it is lamentable most of the Japanese,inspite of the importance of it,are busy for watching TV.

Ironic indeed,the foreigners like David-san and Isanatori-san,
are cheering Japan to achieve the sustainable use of marine resources.

I firmly think the issue has to
be thought for ourselves, more attentively than foreign people.

>OK, Wakayama prefecture, this is >a real whale hunting region???

Yes ! Taiji,where sea-shepherd members were arrested,is a city of the prefecture.It is about 100km far from Shirahama,though.

>Where from are the orcas or >killer whales

Sorry, I am not sure,but probably
they are from Hokkaido,the north
area of Japan.

Ann-san,I know you are an animal lover.Though there is the difference of the position, I share the feeling with each other.

In Japan,there are many people keeping dogs,but some of them give up to keep!The dogs are killed with CO gas by a public health center.

I am very sad to see that.

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