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IWC 2006: RIP Greenpeace? (2)

A few days back Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise was banned from St. Kitts. Greenpeace claimed to have not received any reason for this. I noted that the reason for the banning was clearly to do with the collision between the ship and the Nisshin Maru, earlier in the year.

St. Kitts's Minister of National Security, Dwyer Astaphan refuted Greenpeace's claim that they had not been informed why the ship was refused entry.
“A letter was sent either directly to them or to the agent indicating that the request is refused. A second letter was to have been sent indicating to them that it was on national security considerations,” Astaphan told the SUN.

Astaphan further explained the government’s reason for barring the ship from entering.

“The Cabinet took a decision based on national security considerations. There are a number of events taking place in the country at the time and we have to look at the national security resources and we have to look at the whole picture and be guided by that and take decisions in the interest of national security,” he said.

When asked if Greenpeace is considered a threat to national security, Astaphan replied, “Anything could be a threat to national security. We just have to look at everything and make certain determinations. We’re not blocking anybody per se from coming into the country.

“If somebody is considered to be a potential threat to national security or to peace and order in that country, then that person, whether a private individual or somebody associated with an association, would not be allowed entry just like in any other country, but the decision was taken in regard to that particular vessel at this time.”
As suspected, the reason for the banning is clearly in relation to the ramming incident in the Antarctic back in January.

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