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IWC 2006: Joji Morishita telling it the way it is

"The organisation is serving for political applause back home (but) should serve for responsible management (of whales)"

-- Joji Morishita on grandstanding by Australian, New Zealand, and British representatives at the IWC.

Joshi Morishita telling it the way it is -

"We are glad this is not a secret vote. Japan will remember which countries supported this proposal and which countries said no."

Japan proposed a motion to allow Japanese coastal communities to hunt whales. This would have effectively circumvented the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling. The vote was 30 for Japan and 31 for the whales with 4 abstentions. The abstentions were China, Solomon Islands, South Korea, and Kiribati – all expected to have voted for the whalers.

Because the Japanese Fisheries Ministry and its delegation at the IWC never puts any pressure on anyone and that comment isn't to be construed as any kind of threat..of any sort....no really..no pressure...not a threat at all..honest!



And didn't Morishita illustrate the hypocrisy and double standards well?
I am glad to see and hear that Mr. Morishita is clear that he does not really support secret ballots. But like many other members is able to throw out a veiled threat, very subtle double speak.

David, you seem very perceptive, however miss Lamna nasus use of sarcasm to illustrate a point.

You in your support of Japan use the mighty reinforcement of nothing wrong look how well he put them in their place tactic. mmpph.


I think you misunderstand what the secret ballot proposal was.

What it is for is to extend the use of secret ballots at the IWC. In fact, secret ballots already do exist there - the venue for the meeting is voted on by secret ballot, for example, as with some other procedures.

The secret ballot proposal, supported by the majority of nations in your region, is simply to extend the possible types of votes for which secret ballots can be employed.

The reason for this is because powerful NGO groups in western nations have threatened the nations in your region with tourism boycotts in recent years. I'm sure you must have read about these threats in your local media.

The proposal did not request that all ballots be taken in secret. Only under certain circumstances, where a certain number of commissioners request it, would the secret ballot be used.

In the instance in question, Japan stated that it would not have asked for a secret ballot to be taken, anyway. Japan is certainly not vulnerable to threats of tourism boycotts, as nations in your region might be.

Those nations that voted against Japan in the proposal, all voted against secret ballots - so they clearly had no problem with their votes being open in the first place.

> however miss Lamna nasus use of sarcasm to illustrate a point.

You seem quite perceptive yourself, but perhaps missed Joji Morishita's irony in the way he noted Japan would not have asked for a secret ballot on the issue of coastal whaling, because they would like to know who is with them and who is not?

Indeed, it is irony in itself if you can not recognise this irony.

Take care,
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