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David @ Tokyo

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IWC 2006: Greenpeace and SSCS obstruction slammed

Great news.

On the 4th day of the plenary session, Japan reported on the obstrucion of it's scientific programmes that are conducted in like with the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. A resolution sponsored along with Australia, Holland, New Zealand, and the USA suppresing such behaviour was adopted by the IWC by consensus.

19 June 2006 – St Kitts and Nevis


Greenpeace was criticized by the International Whaling Commission today when
the organisation passed by consensus a resolution resulting from the
activities of the publicity group in the Antarctic this summer.

“Greenpeace carried out a series of very dangerous activities. We cannot
tolerate activities that jeopardise the navigations of our vessels, put
lives at risk and damage property that belongs to the Japanese Government,”
Japan’s Alternate Commissioner, Joji Morishita, told the IWC conference when
introducing the resolution.

The resolution was co-sponsored by the United States, the Netherlands, which
is the flag state of Greenpeace vessels the MV Arctic Sunrise and MV
Esperanza, and New Zealand.

“Over the years, Greenpeace’s interference campaign has become bigger and
more dangerous and its actions in the Antarctic are getting more extreme
year after year. It’s a miracle that we have not had any casualties or
injuries from their dangerous actions,” Mr Morishita said.

Greenpeace rammed Japan’s Antarctic research vessels on 8 January this year.
“We were hit at the side of our vessel, which is one of the weakest points
of a ship as opposed to the front of the vessel, which is the strongest
point. The collision was created, not by us, but by Greenpeace. We believe
these incidents were totally against international maritime laws,” he said.

Mr Morishita encouraged all IWC members to support the resolution, which
instructs protest organizations to conduct activities in a civilised manner.
“We encourage all IWC members and NGOs, even if they don’t share the same
opinion about whaling, to support this resolution telling NGOs to stop
putting Japanese lives at risk and to conduct their activities in accordance
with established international maritime law.”

The resolution was passed by consensus.

Mr Morishita added that Japan was in the process of considering further
action against Greenpeace.



GP & SSCS were fiercely criticized at IWC. That is quite natural.

I wish Joanne Massiah,smart machinegun speaker, could have spoke up and attacked the shameless countries concerned with GP.

As a personal view,I think SSCS is widely regarded as terrorist.
Morishita's comments were impressive:our government will prepare the ways to crush both of them,though he did not give the details to the IWC members.

Japan will take it seriously.I am looking forward to the countermeasures.

Hello, hello!

David, Y/H, you ought to read Sea Shepherd's interpretation of the voting on the St Kitts and Nevis declaration :

"Passed by 33 votes to 32, the resolution stated the whaling ban was no longer necessary. It said whales were responsible for depleting fish stocks and non-governmental organizations were a "threat". This motion required a two-thirds majority to win.

Japan and the whalers have lost all five votes on resolutions brought before the IWC to undermine the conservation of whales."

I wonder what they smoke...
(and again that 2/3 majority stuff. a proof of ignorance of international laws)
Sorry, I forgot the link :
It's interesting reading... that's about all there is to say!!
anyone who kills for a living ought to look deeeply within themselves. their phyche is obviously in need of repair.
50 species of life form on our planet are becoming extinct at the hands of the planets most brutal and callous inhabitant. human beings are so full of potential and yet so crippleingly stupid. all living beings are equal.
sorry, i meant to say thats 50 species EVERY SINGLE DAY.
> their phyche is obviously in need of repair.

This is the comment of an anonymous city dweller who is far detached from nature, siting in their comfortable chair in front of their computer.


The whale stocks to be hunted are of abudant and in cases rapidly increasing species. Whaling is not going to result in any whale species going extinct, and indeed, to date, no whaling has ever made any whale species go extinct. On the other hand, some whale species have gone extinct, without human intervention.
whos planet is this? not the governments, and if you think you need a government to "look after you" then you belong in a field with the other sheep. oh, and by the way, there are no gods, so he/she or it isn't going to make it all better for you. it's time the human population of this planet started thinking about the consequences of its actions. when will the destruction stop? when are the greedy going to see bigger picture? will it be when everyone, every living being is drowning in carbon monoxide? thats a bit late.
We have another example of misleading information by Greenpeace here :

Poor Andrew cannot even find a way to answer my point.
they are not "stocks". i hope your children and grand-children will never be ashamed of you.

I am sorry to say,but,I wonder if you are space man or alien?


>I wonder what they smoke...
(and again that 2/3 majority stuff. a proof of ignorance of international laws) <

The crazy revised it.↓


The original version was full of comedy.

>Sea Shepherd’s interfering with the illegal slaughter of whales is a commercial activity. <

>A couple of member nations did not show up for the meetings. Israel joined the IWC as a pro-whaleconservation vote <

>Once again, we will be hunting criminal whalers in Antarctic waters<

OH! Do not give me the burst of laughter anymore.


I took the opportunity to post a rebuttal to Andrew as well, although I doubt he will publish it.

I believe that they are cowards.

whaling is one small thing we can do to help ensure the sustainability of human actions on earth.

WHEREAS the safety of vessels and crew and the order of maritime navigation are, and have long been, the common interest of nations worldwide,

WHEREAS the Commission and Contracting Governments support the right to legitimate and peaceful forms of protest and demonstration,

MINDFUL of the fact that issues relating to confrontation between vessels at sea and in port have been discussed by this Commission as well as other international fora including the International Maritime Organization,

RECOGNISING the fact that domestic and international concerns have been expressed concerning confrontation at sea and port relating to whaling and whale research activities,

SERIOUSLY CONCERNED that dangerous confrontations risk human life, property, and the order of maritime navigation, and may lead to grave accidents,

RECALLING the International Regulations for preventing Collisions at Sea which set uniform principles and rules for avoiding collisions at sea,

RECALLING further the guidelines of the International Maritime Organization relating to consultation and cooperation in marine casualty investigations,


AGREES AND DECLARES that the Commission and its Contracting Governments do not condone any actions that are a risk to human life and property in relation to these activities of vessels at sea, and urges persons and entities to refrain from such acts;

ENCOURAGES Contracting Governments to take appropriate measures, consistent with IMO guidelines, in order to ensure that the substance and spirit of this Resolution are observed both domestically and internationally.
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