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IWC 2006: Australian bullying continues

Following on from previous years, Australian politicians have resorted to threatening language to try to persuade nations to vote with them at the IWC.
Environment Minister Ian Campbell has issued a veiled warning to Pacific Island nations that they risk the world's anger if they support the return of commercial whaling.

Senator Campbell said the Marshalls should think carefully about the consequences of their vote at the IWC meeting in the Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Nevis in two weeks time should it attend.

" ... I think the outrage that will surge up around the world if the vote goes the wrong way in St Kitts will force a lot of public attention on those key votes.

"That's a message for anyone who joins the IWC."

Senator Campbell said he told this to the Marshall Islands ministers not in a threatening way but as an observation.

That's good comedy. The threats won't work any longer though - secret ballots are likely to be in place before the serious voting starts.
"I think there'll be a close look at countries like Guatemala, the Marshall Islands ... and Palau, who have a phenomenal conservation record internationally but take an out of character position when they vote at the whaling commission," he said.
Perhaps Ian Campbell should consider that, given their phenomenal conservation records, maybe it's Australia that ought to reevaluate it's stance at the IWC.

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One wonder if extortion to get a resource is better than bullying to protect it.

Neither is right, but to give a gift with strings of steel attached is phycological, pathalogical warfare.

And you are spinning everthing, I hope you get some satisfaction to your efforts that may very well end in tears in years to come.


I think you ought to refrain from making comparisons with "warfare" on this blog. The only time when war is raised is when I criticse fanatic anti-whaling proponents who like to draw such racist comparisons between whaling today and events that happened generations ago.

You are quite welcome to make such comparisons as well, but to be frank, it does not reflect well on you at all.

I've addressed your comments regarding vote buying elsewhere.

Those who will get most satisfaction are those people who are directly affected by this issue that may finally have something to celebrate after being used as political punching bags for years by anti-whaling NGO groups and the contries who caved to their demands. This is not because of my efforts though - I'm just sitting infront of my computer, like you.

Others who will get satisfaction are those that will see positive events at the IWC as signficant steps in the advancement of the principle of sustainable use - something that powerful developed nations talk a lot about, but fail to act on when fear and emotion is introduced to the debate.

Martin is a friend of the crazy
Captain,Watson,isn't he?

I do hope he should go to
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僕も、今朝彼に応答を書いている時、「アホ」と何度も書きたくなったけど。(^_^) 僕はもう5年以上もネットで彼みたいな人と討論してきたけど、分かってきたのは、僕らの主張はそれだけで勝てる。彼らみたいに、人を軽視するような言語を使わなくてもけっこう。というより、使わないほうが、相手がさらにエクサイとし、さらにアホなことを言い出す。


おどろくべきは 羊飼い や グリンピース



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