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IWC 2006: Tuvalu does it's people right

A good article appeared at www.stuff.co.nz on Tuvalu's stance at the IWC. The journo does a reasonable job of putting across Tuvalu's position as it is, as opposed to what anti-whaling NGOs and governments would say it is (kudos to Michael Field - well done).

Amongst other things, Tuvalu
This is of course quite reasonable, especially from a small island nation dependant on the resources of the ocean around it for development potential.

From the New Zealand side:
Who is it bad news for? I think it's great news for the people of Tuvalu that their government is putting their interests ahead of interests of people in foreign countries.

And why is this seen as the Pacific turning against New Zealand? Were the Pacific nations ever opposed to the sustainable use of marine resources? On the contrary, it's New Zealand who abandoned the principle of sustainable use when it rejoined the IWC in 1975 after earlier quitting the organization.

New Zealand is a fairly developed nation, whose economy is not overly reliant on marine resources for expansion. 80% of New Zealanders live in cities.

Look at Tuvalu. It does not have the natural resources available to New Zealand. What does it have?

Fish. Only fish. That's it. Nothing else.

New Zealand may be able to afford itself the luxury of the odd irrational air-headed "environmental" policy, but Tuvalu has no room to compromise. Tuvalu must ensure that it's marine resources are managed properly because they have nothing else.

The full article is duplicated below for posterity. Congratulations, once again Tuvalu.

Tuvalu sides with whaling nations

11 May 2006


A bid by Conservation Minister Chris Carter to persuade Tuvalu to vote with New Zealand to protect whales has failed, with the tiny Pacific archipelago saying it favours sustainable use.

News that the Tuvaluan Government said it was grateful for aid from Australia and New Zealand but wanted to act in the best interests of its people has been met with disappointment.

The decision comes before a crucial International Whaling Commission meeting at which Japan may take control of the 66-nation body.

New Zealand's whaling commissioner, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, said Tuvalu's stance was bad news.

"It's going to be exceedingly close and therefore every vote counts."

A senior Tuvaluan Government official was quoted as saying: "Our position has never changed since we joined the International Whaling Commission. We are for the sustainable use of whatever resources we have, be it whales, fish, forestry, land.

"Whilst we appreciate assistance from both countries, Tuvalu should be allowed as a sovereign nation to make its independent decision on what is best for its people."

Mr Carter was not available for comment yesterday but a spokesman said despite relationship-building between the two countries "it was never expected the meeting would produce an overnight change in Tuvalu's position".

The diplomatic failure for Mr Carter comes as nations lined up with Japan meet in Tokyo today to plan their strategy for the IWC meeting from June 16 to 20 in the Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Nevis.

On paper Japan has a majority of the 66 member nations in the IWC. To overturn the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling would require a three-quarters majority. This is considered unlikely, but a simple majority vote would amount to a big win for Japan and fellow whaling nations Norway and Iceland.

Mr Carter is to visit the Solomons, Kiribati and Nauru before the IWC meeting. Sir Geoffrey said the lobbying was important "as the Pacific has been turning against us in the International Whaling Commission".

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>Look at Tuvalu. It does not have >the natural resources available >to New Zealand. What does it have?
>Fish. Only fish. That's it. >Nothing else.

I firmly beleive this is the main reason why Japan supports Tuvalu for the sustainable use of marine resources. I hear Tuval is the
small nation.

Whatever big or small it might be,the fact that we use fish as resources is same.As a Japanese,I am proud of our government.

Glad to get your nice comments.

I believe so as well.

People in the west like to make a lot out of the money that Japan's government spends on overseas development assistance, but I think there is little doubt that it does benefit the recipients.

And given that both Japan and the recipient nations believe in the benefits of sustainable use of marine resources in principle (this is all Tuvalu has available to it) I don't see why people have such a hard time believing that Japan simply runs a very successful diplomatic programme.

This seems far far more plausible than fanciful ideas that
1) Japan's government bribes poor developing nations, and
2) so many poor developing nations have such corrupt politicians willing to offer their votes in return for cash.

Sounds more like a tv show than reality to me... but in that respect, one really has to admire the amazing success of Greenpeace's propaganda machine.
Hi David and Konichi wa Y/H-san,

'Fish. Only fish. That's it. Nothing else.'

'Whatever big or small it might be,the fact that we use fish as resources is same'.

Whales are mammals not fish, after all we wouldn't want David to suggest there is a monopoly or duopoly on accurate word play here now would we? :-)

In fact I think some latitude in allowance for spelling etc. in future would be an excellent idea.

Oh....and thank you David for explaining to Y/H-san in Japanese that posting sentences or phrases in upper case is the internet equivalent of shouting and therefore poor etiquette. I know the great cultural importance the Japanese place on being polite.
> Whales are mammals not fish, after all

And since when has everyone not known that?

But oh, thanks for reminding us...

I guess you totally missed / ignored the point?

And a word of advice - you seem to be raving more than usual. Why don't you take some time to cool off?

To me, the supporters of
GP& SSCS are the enemies-
the enemies that be swept away.
So long as you support them,
you are one of our enemies.
Remember this, old man.

>Whales are mammals not fish

We need not to open encyclopedia.
We know it Thanks.
Need not to give some category to it. To Japan, whale = Fish.
Note this.


>And a word of advice - you seem
>to be raving more than usual.
>Why don't you take some time to
>cool off?

I have to worry about that:
High blood pressure, Suffocation,Breathlessness ,

All these are the illness of
old men.

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