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IWC 2006: Sea Shepherd extremism

Poor old Sea Shepherd.

Give Sea Shepherd due

Why is it that any article on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ("Surprise recruit for whaling watchdog", May 12) has to carry the worn-out words "violent" and "radical"?

Is it not about time the media informed people of other, more relevant, aspects of Sea Shepherd?

It would be marvellous if, for once, we had some support in trying the stop the illegal killing of whales.

Does nobody realise that Japan's ulterior intention is to have an absolutely free hand on the oceans of this world - to deplete them until no whale, dolphin or tuna is left?

Is it not about time the lone fight of Sea Shepherd receives some recognition and support, in particular from countries that claim to understand the necessity of protecting our oceans and all its creatures?

Do we deserve to have our ships kept in South Africa's detention at the bidding of nations who rape our seas?

Dr Herbert Henrich
Sea Shepherd Conservation Trust South Africa

Oh dear....

I have just sent the following letter off in response:

Herbert Henrich seems upset that his organization is described as "violent" and "radical" (Brief points - May 17, 2006)

What does he suggest would be a more appropriate description of Sea Shepherd actions, including attempts to inflict damage on other vessels at sea through use a "can opener" device attached to the hull of the Sea Shepherd ship the Farley Mowat?

He bemoans that his group finds little support in opposing the "illegal killing of whales". Perhaps he should consider that this may be because even law experts of vociferous anti-whaling nations such as New Zealand and Australia now recognise that Japan's whaling is perfectly legal.

He also claims that Japan's motives are to completely exhaust marine resources, despite Japan's clearly enunciated position of support for the principle of sustainable use. Furthermore, common sense tells us that depleting marine resources is totally contrary to the interests of such a nation with a long cultural heritage of reliance on the sea for food.

Indeed, "violent" and "radical" are quite apt descriptions for the group he represents, but "extremist eco-terrorists" would be even more appropriate.

Hopefully they will publish it. This guy seems to be completely off his rocker. The suggestion that Japan has "ulterior intentions" to deplete the world's marine resources is about as ridiculous as you could get. No wonder no one takes them seriously.


>including attempts to inflict >damage on other vessels at sea >through use a "can opener" device >attached to the hull of the Sea >Shepherd ship the Farley Mowat?

Clearly, nobody except the supporters of the terrorist group thinks their performance is legal.

The crazy captain was arrested
as criminal in 1994 because of
the radical harassment to Norway
whaling vessels.

SSCS obviously lacks the normal common sense.SSCS should looks at itself before criticising Japan.

It is marvellous if there would be some supporters of the terrorists.

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