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David @ Tokyo

Perspective from Japan on whaling and whale meat, a spot of gourmet news, and monthly updates of whale meat stockpile statistics



IWC 2006: Sea Shepherd extremism (3)

Displaying a total lack of grace, Herbert Henrich has responded to Nan Rice:

Illegal whaling is an issue all should work against

It is futile to argue with people like Nan Rice.

Look at the facts: Japan kills in excess of 1 000 whales a year in protected waters, and has now dropped the lame excuse of doing "research". This is a commercially driven attack on an endangered species in a sanctuary. It is not consistent with the International Whaling Commission's moratorium on whaling.

It is illegal to have a whaling factory ship in a sanctuary. Japan is in violation of the UN Resolution A/Res.37/7 and Sea Shepherd upholds the UN World Charter for Nature by stopping this butchery for profit.

The world at large, Rice included, will happily set aside their responsibilities to confront an economic giant by hiding behind fabricated excuses, and pretend to be concerned - but not concerned enough to try to stop the rot.

Horst Kleinschmidt, with his impeccable track record, has long realised this. The reason he did not join Nan Rice but Sea Shepherd instead is that Rice has still to save a single whale.

The detention order on the Farley Mowat has yet to be withdrawn. Maybe Rice's impeccable sources failed to disclose this to her.

However, we will comply with Samsa's requirements and take the ship out of port once our negotiations with neighbouring countries concerning patrol duties have been finalised, which we expect within this month.

If only all people of goodwill would work towards safeguarding our natural resources and protecting our fellow creatures rather than posturing and crying foul.

Dr Herbert Henrich
Sea Shepherd Conservation Trust South Africa

Isn't it pathetic, such pitiful souls in the lolly scramble for donations?


The insane group began to take
action.The dangerous sign.


>This level of imperialist >exploitation has not been seen >since the Japanese army swept in >and slaughtered the Chinese >people and invaded their lands,”

The lunatic captain began to
support China?
Chinese like to eat lovely
dogs.I want him to go and take
many pictures of slaughter.

> If they succeed in St. Kitts >next month, the oceans around the >world will run red with the blood >of the whales.

It is very easy to see the blood of cows ,chikens,pigs,and even dogs through Web.
Captain,what about this?

>Japan continues to posture that
>the killing of whales is for >scientific research and claims >that this Pacific hunt is >necessary to study the behavior >of the whales, their role in the
>environment, feeding patterns, >and how they may be impacted by >pollution in the ocean, the >government-backed Institute of >Cetacean Research said.

GOOD! This is not misled.
That is why ICR exists.

>Sea Shepherd is concentrating on >securing a fast ship to oppose >the plan by Japan to kill over >one thousand whales in the >Antarctic Whale Sanctuary in >December 2006.

The very dangerous sign.
The insane group do the same
thing again.Madness.

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