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IWC 2006: Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda's IWC representatives are in Japan tomorrow and the day after for a meeting with other pro-sustainable use nations, ahead of the 2006 IWC meeting.

Ambassador Liverpool is adamant that Antigua & Barbuda’s participation in the International Whaling Commission is necessary to build and sustain international alliances with countries that are similarly committed to the sustainable utilisation approach in the management of oceanic resources.

Senator Massiah has also rationalised the Caribbean’s position as one rooted in a number of factors.

“The position taken by Caribbean countries within the IWC remains rooted in respect for cultural diversity, traditions of coastal peoples as well as coastal state rights, relevant national and international laws, the need for science based management, the contribution of marine resources to our respective economies, poverty reduction and food security,” Senator Massiah stated.

Indeed, it's remarkable that the anti-whaling nations continue to fail to recognise this position.

Not only that, they choose to bully Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean nations on these issues, as well as insult their integrity. From 2005:

ULSAN, South Korea (AFP): Western governments and environmental groups have threatened and intimidated other states because of their opposition to a ban on commercial whaling, delegates from two Caribbean countries alleged Sunday.

"Dominica... is a country that has been threatened," delegate Lloyd Pascal told reporters in the former South Korean whaling port of Ulsan. "They think they can intimidate us.

"It's not only the NGOs (non-governmental organisations). Governments are sending their envoys to the Caribbean and intimidate our government to tell them that if you don't change your position you're going to risk how much aid... you get from us."

"The islands of the Caribbean have been under tremendous pressure from NGOs because they do not follow the dictates of their instructions at the IWC," he added.

Fisheries Minister Joanne Massiah of Antigua and Barbuda said only that those behind the threats were "governments of the developed world".

"The agenda and the emotive sentiment that are being expressed by the NGOs and the anti-whaling camp are colonialist in nature and patronising in the extreme," she told journalists.

"What we have seen is an effort to stymie our tourism product by a misinformation campaign," she alleged, saying that NGOs were leading the campaign.

Minister Massiah has been broadly critical of the anti-whaling nations:
Many of Japan's supporters among the small island-developing nation group deeply resent what they claim is bullying and interference in their economic self-determination by wealthy countries.

"It's a privilege of being economically well-off, this failure to understand and accept the cultures of traditional peoples," says Antigua and Barbuda Agriculture and Resources Minister Joanne Massiah. "We forget that 50 million people are starving every day while we look at this issue so flippantly and that marine resources are a critical source of protein."
Various other Caribbean perspectives are covered in this article on a symposium on sustainable use of regional marine resources held in St Kitts. Briefer coverage of the symposium is here.

Hi! David-san

Thank you for your nice information about the small countries fighting against anti-whaling ones and anti-whaling NGOs.

There is no right for Anti-whaling countries to give pressure to the small ones.
No right .No reason. Their behavior is nothing but the threaten.
Apart from the political issues, anti-whaling NGO s are getting chances to gather donations(Not to save whales) - this is the most dangerous aspects we have to give attentions . Japan should let many people know the fact.

I am always wondering if the anti-whaling groups ,( nations orNGOs), will get anything? To promote sales of beef in Japan market?
To increase the export of Kiwi fruits? It means nothing to us at all.

What I want them to do is to think of their own countries, not to interfere our country.

Thank you indeed.
For your information I would like to point out that the Japanese Government have put diplomatic pressure on East European countries in the whaling issue to not vote with the anti whaling countries. This seemed to have failed in the Czehk Republic , don't know how Hungary votes, they were under big pressure from the Japanes.
>they were under big pressure from >the Japanes.

That is very good.They are not misled.

anonymous - I believe Hungary voted exactly the opposite to Japan on every vote at the IWC last year, and I believe the same is true of the Czech republic.

Pretty much the same is true for another 6 or so land-locked European nations.

For all the "pressure" you say the Japanese apply, they didn't seem to see much for it.

Y/H - thank you again for visiting my blog :-)
The anti-whaling nations are truely hypocritcal. Recently the New Zealand government approved an increase in by-catch of native New Zealand sealions (by the squid fishery). They made this decision based on scientific advice.
Yet when it comes to whales, they ignore science completely.
One policy for domestic resource utilization, another for resource utilization by foreign nations. Disgraceful really.
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