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IWC 2006: Another extremist NGO

Australians for Animals International, led by Sue Arnold (pictured), is another group not too disimilar to Sea Shepherd except that they don't go as far as terrorist acts. Their approach is a more gentle one - searching for legal avenues by which whaling can be shut down. And it makes sense, given that Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd failed to save any whales in the Southern Ocean this year, but they did succeed in burning up gallons and gallons of fuel in doing so. As for Australians for Animals Int., their homepage mentions the "Japanese Imperial Army" and uses the "whale holocaust" phrase. So you get the idea.

The one thing I do like about these groups is that they attack the irrational Australian and New Zealand governments. These groups may be crazy and dangerous, but at least they consistent in their working to a principle - animal rights.

Carter defends signing agreement

Conservation Minister Chris Carter is defending New Zealand's signing of a WTO agreement which allows for trading of whale products.

The group Australians for Animals, says WTO tariff schedules, which both Australia and New Zealand have signed, allow the import and export of whale products, despite the global ban on commercial whaling.

Sue Arnold, from the Australians for Animals group, says both countires have allowed the WTO schedules to override environmental treaties they have signed up to. She says ministers are not telling people Australia and New Zealand are "held hostage" by the WTO.

"When we sit down and weigh up which is more important - trade or whales - trade is going to win," she says.

But, Carter says that despite the WTO agreement, trading in whale products in New Zealand is banned under two pieces of legislation. He says it is useful having those products on a schedule so Customs can require they be declared therefore protecting and conserving whales.

Carter says he is a little surprised New Zealand has been criticised for doing something which is protecting whales.

Amusing to see the anti-whaling parties bickering amongst themselves for media attention - who is the greenest!?


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