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IWC 2006: Latest Greenpeace propaganda

Greenpeace's Shane Rattenbury is cranking up his propaganda engine again.

1) His press release says the JARPA II team brought back "nearly 1000 dead whales". The actual figure was 863.

Why does he choose to round the true figures up by more than a whopping 15% to 1000? Why not stop at the nearest hundred and call it 900? What is Greenpeace's motive in this misleading manipulation of figures? Does he fear that numbers in the simple hundreds will not have the same psychological impact on those he appeals to for donations? Or does he believe that 137 whales one-way-or-the-other is nothing when you're talking about abundant whale stocks numbering in the hundreds of thousands?
Just imagine Greenpeace's reaction were the Institute of Cetacean Research had released a press statement saying "we took, oh you know, around 700 or so whales"!

2) Shane Rattenbury asks what the Japanese tax payers believe they are getting for their money.
Perhaps Greenpeace supporters may be asking themselves the same thing, after their donation money didn't save a single whale, but did result in increased time-to-deaths for the whales that were killed while Greenpeace was employing their obstruction tactics.
What the Japanese tax payers do get for their money is a government refusing to cave to irrational foreign NGO groups, and throw out the sound principle of sustainable use, which would otherwise set a bad precendent for environmental management for years to come.
That's pretty good value for money, and I'm certainly happy that I'm contributing my yen taxes to that rather than supporting Greenpeace's inhumane behaviour, even though I do have no choice in the matter.

3) "The international community has condemned the research as fake."
Tired old lies, are tired old lies no matter how often they are repeated.
The only community that has condemned the research as fake is the western environmental movement and their shill scientists.
On the other hand, the IWC points out on its webpage that the IWC Scientific Commitee reviewed the JARPA research at it's half-way point in 1997 and noted that the research had the potential to improve the IWC's Revised Management Procedure for setting commercial catch limits.
If Shane Rattenbury's "international community" was correct in its condemnation of the research, he might like to think about why his team has failed to convince the IWC of their case by now.

4) "The whale hunt is bankrupt on all counts: financially, morally, ecologically and scientifically."
Shane Rattenbury is the master of his propaganda.

Hi! David-san,

As a taxpayer, please let me give you some comments.
We lost much tax & money because of the GP s obstruction.
Basically we pay the tax ,not to defend the insane groups but to
promote the whaling. GP & SSCS should return the money to us .

1, Nishinmaru and other vessels (of ICR) were chased by GP & SSCS last December.It means they lost much fuel and was obliged to be refueled again. We should remember the fuel is not free of charge.

2. GP & SSCS lost ICR much time ;the time that should be spent to get whales.
,not spent to play with GP & SSCS.
If the time were properly spent ,they would have make their job go smoothly.
We should know time is money.

3. The ICR members are employed as salaried men. Naturally their overtime job
were paid from our tax. Obviously GP & SSCS gave rise to the overtime job.
We do not afford to pay money for the overtime job caused by GP & SSCS harassment.

4 The GP vessel, Arctic Sunrise, hit Nithshinmaru and gave some damageThe repair charge should be paid by GP.

Imagine the total of 1 to 4. The total money lost by the insane group is enormous.



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