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2005 Tokyo Motor Show

One of my Australian mates invited me out to see the Tokyo Motor Show at Makuhari Messe (on the other side of Tokyo, a bit past Disneyland).

It was a pretty interesting event, lots of flash cars on display, and was also amusing to watch the girl-crazy photographers snapping off shots of the lovely models who were also on display.

The most interesting thing was a little bubble car of which the top part of the chassis could rotate 180 degrees, and the car could drive in either direction, making having to back in parking space a thing of the past (very "lady friendly" as the cute little announcer described it)

There were also Ferraris, Lambourghinis, Porsches, Mitsuoka (you probably hadn't heard of that one) and various others, but surprisingly some of my favourites came from the plain old Japanese car makers. The Daihatsu pictured here was my favourite.

Anyway, all my pics are online, at my new 300Mb webpage. I'm going to be dumping lots of crap on this webpage going forward, as blogger kind of sucks for images (shrinking them etc). Good for those on modems though I guess. But here they are:

(You will notice that towards the end of the day I too was starting to get distracted from the machine viewing by the young ladies parading around them)

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