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IWC 2005: In the news today

Australian Environment Minister Ian Campbell needs to stay off whatever it is that he is on.

In his explanation of why he hopes his bullying of small Pacific nations will persuage them to come over to the dark side, he says "people won't want to visit a region that supports the blowing up of whales with grenades"

Oh dear. Yet more attempting to appeal to ignorant voter emotions. Why can't Campbell just be honest for a change, and admit that modern penthrite grenade based harpoon methods are far more advanced and humane than the killing methods that his ancestors employed? Why try and give the impression that Japanese whaling methods result in a whale being blown into numerous chunks of flesh?

Suggesting that those nations who support whaling support whale detonation is incredibly dishonest and disingenuous.

Campbell ought to know that the whales are fully intact when they hit the decks.

Meanwhile, Campbell is reported elsewhere, saying "I think stirring up anti-Japanese fervour is actually quite contrary to our best interests"

No doubt it is - so one wonders why his behaviour and criticisms of the Japanese is so contrary to this?

Go on Ian - let us hear about how "sick" and "absurd" you think whaling is again...

What a clown!

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